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What are desk ratios?

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Understanding Desk Ratios: How They Impact Workspace Efficiency and Planning

With the growth of unallocated seating it has become increasingly important to measure desk ratios. in a traditional office setting where everyone has an allocated desk then the desk ratio would be one to one.

We are no longer typically using a traditional office setting. With the growth of hybrid working and remote working desks are being increasingly shared and real estate leaders I’m looking to get the best space utilisation.

Therefore, improving desk ratios is a key driver. Technology can help.

Utilizing a desk booking software such as Rendezvous enables real estate leaders to:

Reduce desk no shows – thanks to built in business rules, Rendezvous will auto-release desks if staff do not check in within a certain time – say 15 minutes. Desks can be released to those who need them.

Utilize every desk – Rendezvous has a reverse hoteling feature which enables real eastate leaders to allocate previously fixed office space into the hot desk booking estate – for example if a staff member is on vacation their desk can be booked out until they return.

Book flexibly – Rendezvous enables staff to book by the hour or in morning/afternoon blocks in addition to traditional daily bookings. If a staff member needs to be at home at lunchtime then the desk can be used by someone in the afternoon – no need to leave it empty.

Enjoy a fantastic ROI – improving desk ratios enables real estate leaders to drive down costs.

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