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What is hoteling?

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As the name suggests hoteling is a reservation-based method for managing unassigned hot desks. Rather than a free for all approach, staff must book their desks in advance of coming to the office safe in the knowledge that they will have seat waiting for them.

Staff don’t work in isolation. They also get the flexibility of choosing where to sit and with whom – thanks to desk booking software.

How does Rendezvous desk booking software manage hoteling?

For oragnizations with large desk estates where demand may outstrip supply it is vital to have desk booking software in place.

The benefits are many:

  • A great digital employee experience – staff can select and book desks quickly using the mobile app on an easy-to-use floor plan
  • Efficiency – Integration with Outlook means all desk bookings are entered straight into staff calendars
  • It drives collaboration – thanks to the floorplan-based find a colleague feature staff can easily plan their day and sit next to members of their team or organize a video call as appropriate.

For the employer, office hoteling helps to reduce overhead. As all employees will not be in at the same time it means they can reduce wasted space only using the desk space that they need.

In addition, for both employees and employer, it means greater productivity a staff can and sit and work together in teams. Using desk booking software such as rendezvous staff waste less time looking for a desk- everything is organised even before they arrive at the office.

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