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What is the relationship between hybrid working and the employee experience?

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Balancing Acts: Exploring the Intersection of Hybrid Working and Employee Experience

Employee experience is now a must for organizations which are looking to retain staff. Put simply, staff will not work where hybrid working is not on the table.

With the hybrid working model, employees get to enjoy the best of both worlds. It is the ideal mix between working from home and spending time in the office.

Studies have shown that working from home makes for a more productive workforce. There are several benefits for employees from adopting hybrid working:

Flexibility – workers can now enjoy a much better work life balance. Offering employees the opportunity to work a combination of both in-office and remote work can enable them to choose which days they would like to come into the office.

Drives collaboration – face to face meetings are invaluable for sharing ideas whilst at the same time thanks to Teams and Zoom your remote workers can contribute to the conversation too.

Better for deep work – working from home offers employees better opportunities to benefit from quiet focused work while asynchronous platforms such as Slack offer them the features they need to communicate with their team either in real-time or on their own schedule.

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