Introducing ONELAN Reserva Edge digital signage

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Meeting room booking to the next level

ONELAN, a global leader in the world of digital signage, are taking their technology for meeting room booking to the next level with the new Reserva Edge range.

It’s a great multi-tasker – the Reserva Edge helps optimize workspace as well as providing a platform that businesses, educational establishments and venues can use to advertise or build brand awareness and internal communications.

Bright 10 screen size, ergonomic design, Environment space at premium


Conference Centers


Corporate Offices


University Campuses


Huddle Spaces

Utilizing the latest
Intel Atom technology
the Reserva Edge is
highly responsive too!

Designed for meetings

The Reserva Edge is not just about elegant good looks – although this sleek device boasts a bezel-less glass design, an anti-fingerprint finish and concealed cables.

It’s designed for functionality too with a unique tilted touchscreen interface so you can see meeting notifications while in a seated or standing position.

With its large LED status bar, meeting room availability can also be checked from outside a glass-wall room, minimizing the risk of meeting interruptions from colleagues seeking a last-minute meeting space.

If a room is booked, the room sign will display alternative rooms that are available – a great time saver.


Easy to manage

The Reserva Edge interface is easy to manage, either remotely from a web browser, or centrally from the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS).

Multiple communications can be displayed simultaneously:








Moving or static text


Date and clock formats

easy to use

Easy to use

The panel is designed to be easy to use – users can book meetings in two taps of the touchscreen interface.

The calendar view enables you to:

book meeting

Book meetings

check in to

Check in to meetings

check in to

Confirm meetings


Alter the length of a meeting

end a meeting

End a meeting

support for id cards

Support for ID cards means checking in and out is instant

Integration with Rendezvous

Reserva Edge works wonderfully with the Rendezvous Workspace meeting room software.
This integration enables you to:

  • Display real time meeting schedules from NFS Workspace
  • Maximize workspace utilization by releasing meeting rooms when attendees don’t turn up
  • Book meetings in an instant from the touchscreen
  • Use meeting room signs to display corporate communications as part of a digital signage network

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