Ground-breaking new partnership transforms the workplace journey for staff and visitors

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A pioneering new partnership is about to transform the workplace journey – from the moment employees and visitors step into the office to negotiating daily challenges in the hybrid world.

NFS Technology, creators of the world-leading workplace management platform Rendezvous, have teamed up with Semieta, providers of innovative access control and visitor management solutions.

Paul Sutor, Commercial Director for NFS, welcomed the new partnership, and said: “This collaboration with Semieta represents a pivotal moment – it ignites exciting opportunities and fuels our shared vision of transforming the workplace journey.

“Coupling our world-class workplace management technology with Semieta’s solutions promises exciting advancements for our customers and the industry as a whole, helping workplace leaders create a frictionless experience every time for both employees and visitors.”

The integrated solution offers:

  • A smoother workflow and better processes for reception/admin teams understanding who is visiting, where they should be, what access they are granted and who is hosting
  • Automated processes that eliminate human error
  • Joint views on company values and customer satisfaction.

The alliance is underpinned by a mutual respect for the skills, knowledge and experience of the NFS and Semieta teams. NFS is an international technology company headquartered in the UK with a global reputation for leadership in hybrid workplace management, room and desk scheduling and space utilisation.

Paul said: “We’re deeply enthusiastic about collaborating with Semieta’s talented team. Their expertise and dedication perfectly complement our own, paving the way for a future brimming with innovation and success.”

Ivor Saunders, CEO of Semieta, said he too was delighted to highlight the transformative aspect of the partnership.

“By merging our expertise in access control and visitor management with Rendezvous’ room booking solutions, we can deliver excellent value with a truly joined-up solution,” he said.