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Opening a new world of collaboration

NFS have long pioneered integration with video conferencing solutions such as Cisco TMS and we are excited to announce that Rendezvous now fully integrates with Skype, Zoom and Teams enabled meeting rooms.

The Outlook Booking Experience

Simplicity is key. There is no steep learning curve as Rendezvous is fully integrated with Outlook. Simply book the meeting room and video conference by clicking the dedicated Skype or Zoom icon in the Outlook top bar.

Once the meeting is booked all attendees are notified immediately and automatically. That’s it!

What’s more if the room is a Skype, Zoom or Teams enabled room then the Skype/Zoom/Teams details will show on the in-room panel – just touch the panel and launch the meeting. It is really that simple.


Mobile Booking

For workers on the move our mobile booking apps greatly simplify the process of booking meeting rooms, desks, AV and catering.

Simply select the dedicated collaboration button and your meeting room and online meeting is booked and details emailed to your attendees automatically. The in-room panels will be updated automatically.

Benefits at a glance

  • A choice of booking options – designed to work for you and your staff. All offering the same great features and user experience.
  • Time saving – all the booking admin is taken care of. No need to fire off emails or having to manually start the VC meeting. Simply enter the room, touch the enabled in-room panel, sit back and collaborate.
  • Fully integrated with Outlook – all your meetings will be fully updated in Outlook. Rendezvous manages multi-location and multi time zone room bookings with ease – another great time saver.
  • Fully automated workflow – if a meeting changes then the system sends out a new email invite with the new room details, cancels the existing room and updates the new in-room panel. If a meeting is cancelled, then a cancellation email is sent automatically.

Find out more

If streamlining the process of booking of your Zoom, Skype or Teams enabled rooms is on your agenda, then contact us today. We will be delighted to discuss the options and how we can help save you time.