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Pharma sector

The Pharma industry is one of the key global sectors increasingly using Rendezvous to manage and schedule workspace effectively. These two overviews show how leading firms are using the technology to enhance their operations in ways including better space utilisation, support for hybrid and agile working and visitor management.

UNILABS (Switzerland)

Unilabs is a leading international practitioner of diagnostic processes, and following the pandemic they wished to bring colleagues back to work safely in their Swiss offices by providing an easy space booking process.

With time at a premium, Unilabs chose Rendezvous’ independent desk booking system for a rapid deployment, and in record time, the NFS project team configured their desks and trained their users on browser and mobile.

Unilabs uses Rendezvous to ask all bookers to scan a QR code to check in to their desk, and email alerts prompt bookers close to the time of booking to cancel if they no longer need the space.

NFS Chief Executive Luis De Souza said: “The feedback from administrators and users within Unilabs has been very positive, and they are confident they will be able to convince their global technology team to adopt this as a standard in all their offices around the world.”

AbbVie (UK)

In the UK, AbbVie is playing a key role in supporting the NHS through partnerships, innovative medicines and shared decision making aimed at building a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

Several years ago the company chose Rendezvous technology by NFS – following a rigorous selection process – to deploy a meeting room booking solution for their new building in Maidenhead, UK.

Previously, all meeting requests were channelled through an already-busy reception team. Now, with Rendezvous integrated with room display panels and users able to book space from browser and Outlook, AbbVie have a self-service culture that provides useful utilisation information to the business owners.

AbbVie’s original challenges were rooms booked but then unused, and the catering waste this caused. With Rendezvous, users are now reminded to conform or cancel their booking, which releases the rooms for other colleagues if they no longer need them. Rendezvous also enforces cut-off times to avoid last minute ordering and cancelling of food orders.

Luis said: “All these features have created an efficient meeting room booking and utilisation experience for users – and created big time savings for the Facilities, Reception and Catering teams. It’s an excellent example of how Rendezvous can streamline and support operations on a long-term basis.”

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