Supercharged software solutions to power your organization’s recovery

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Workspace system experts NFS Technology have announced a package of new software solutions to support organizations fighting their way back to normality.

The software specialists have evolved their market-leading systems to respond to the evolving requirements of organizations easing out of the crisis.

The latest enhancements include the following:

1. New integration with Microsoft Dynamics: Rendevous Events meeting venue software provides a complete enterprise level solution for sales and marketing, with live booking availability from Rendezvous now available straight to the Dynamics platform

2. Back to work technology toolkit: The Rendezvous Workspace toolkit of software ensures employees’ safety and productivity, including:

  • Zero-touch access for workers and guests
  • Location and booking of desks and meeting spaces using an app, using a graphical floorplan
  • Integration with presence sensors means real-time occupation data is captured for safe distancing
  • Reverse hoteling means allocated desks can be made available when unused
  • Up-to-date data on when space has been cleaned.

Chief Executive Officer Luis De Souza said: “Organizations are facing great challenges in adjusting to the demands of the post-corona world.

“The overarching issue is survival – every organization and venue is working hard to get business back to something like normal.

“For many businesses, the issues include the practicalities of keeping employees safe, maintaining productivity, and dealing with the realities of the changing footprint of their real estate.

“As many people are still working from home, building confidence in a return to work is crucial.

“Workspace and meeting venue software will play a valuable role as we move forward, not only supporting and enabling everything from effective sales to agile working but also promoting the effective use of workspace.”

Luis said organizations with access to supportive software have a firm foundation to build future business on.

“These are still uncertain times, and although businesses are planning the future of their strategies and operations there are still many unknowns,” he said.

“We have worked quickly with our world-leading partners including Microsoft, to supercharge our software packages so they fully underpin operations now and in the coming months – no matter what the virus throws at us.”

Supercharge your post-pandemic operations with workspace and meeting venue software – find out how.