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Why Rendezvous values count

At NFS, our Rendezvous values and principles run through every aspect of how we work. We know that as a client, you’re not just looking for a supplier to provide a product. Instead, you need an experienced advisor, a partner you can trust – and that’s why we bring a consultative approach to your important project.

Our Rendezvous values mean we’ll never just do a hard sell on the features and functions of Rendezvous.

Instead, we make sure we ask you the deep questions that pinpoint exactly what your organization needs our technology to achieve, right now and in the future.

It means we create a perfect fit for your requirements. That’s our commitment: with NFS, it’s always personal

Rendezvous Values

To our clients and each other

Our technology works

Our expert solutions are innovative and affordable

We’ll always go further to exceed your expectations

To our clients and each other

To keep ourselves and our clients ahead of the game


Note from the CEO

Luis DeSouza

We’ve put our heart and soul into helping our clients for more than 25 years here at NFS. In that time, we’ve developed enormous understanding and skills that are second to none – and our Rendezvous values show we’re dedicated to delivering the workplace and venue management solutions that work for you.

Luis De Souza

CEO and founder, NFS


Sounds interesting?

Discover more – our consultants are waiting to talk with you about how our Rendezvous values make us the perfect partners to help you achieve the best utilization of your meeting rooms and real estate.



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