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The workplace is changing with more emphasis being placed on remote working leading to changing patterns of office configuration driven by factors such as improving the quality of employees’ work life balance and the increase in costs of real estate.

Desk booking / Hoteling software

The benefits of Rendezvous desk booking software


Informed decision making

Our sensor technology enables facilities managers to make sensible decisions based on real-time data on how they utilize space – it removes all the guesswork.


It saves time

With full integration with mobile devices and Outlook it is easy for staff to book a hot desk ahead of time – safe in the knowledge it will be in their calendar and won’t be double booked.


It’s flexible

The system will free up desk space that has been booked and is subsequently not used. You can easily set up business rules to determine when the optimum time to do this is.


Supports agile working styles

Aside from scheduling, using our advanced data modelling it is possible to suggest effective changes to office configurations and ensure optimal usage of space.

Our desk booking software delivers:

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Seamless Integration with Outlook

Because Rendezvous uses MS Outlook, it integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft desktop so you can schedule meetings and book desks and resources with ease – even across multi-locations and multi-time zones.

No need to disrupt your email session or open multiple applications.

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Mobile desk booking

Make sure your agile staff never waste time looking for a suitable workspace. Rendezvous works on a multitude of mobile devices, giving staff easy access to real-time desk availability and streamlining their working day.

Our QuickBook solution makes your life easy with an intuitive interface, ease of implementation and full synchronization with Outlook, Exchange and, uniquely, Office 365.

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A choice of wayfinding and digital signage platforms

We offer a plethora of input devices designed around a self-service model of meeting room and desk booking. These are a great boon for the occasional visitor.

Flexible workers can book their meeting rooms, desks and resources using our easy to use self-service kiosk hardware.

Alternatively, they can use a room panel to quickly book a room. We support all the major hardware platforms including AMX, Crestron, QED, Evoko and Apple iPad.

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Measurement of desk utilization

With real estate costs growing, it’s important to make sure your valuable workspace is not being wasted.

Our real-time sensors collect accurate data so you can identify underused desks and make informed plans about rationalizing or extending your real estate.

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Like all real estate, hot desks require a great deal of monetary investment. If you feel that your estate is being underutilized and you want to discover how to get the maximum return on this investment, then contact us today.

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