The Importance of Workplace Wayfinding

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Are you thinking of implementing digital signage in your workplace? Digital signage is a great tool for an organisation of any size or type. It ensures that the employees and visitors are always aware of where they are and how they navigate to different areas within the organisation. But, what is wayfinding, and what is its importance in this hybrid work environment? If you want to know why your organization needs proper wayfinding software and how it can positively impact your work culture and productivity – read on to find out more.

A Change In The Way We Work

As many companies gradually expect their employees to return to work, the onus is on the employers to ensure that their returning employees can efficiently find their way to their desks, meeting rooms, and other places. More than just directional signage, digital signage plays a vital role in internal communication and office space management.

Introduction to Wayfinding

To put it simply, wayfinding is digital signage that helps the visitors and employees navigate wherever they want to go within the workplace and stay informed about important notices and announcements. Merging your wayfinding with the best meeting room booking systems is one of several ways an organization can encourage collaboration and improve productivity. Here are some of the major reasons why your workplace needs digital wayfinding signage:

  1. An employee may sometimes need to attend an internal meeting or call on a colleague from a different department in the same workplace.
  2. Staying connected while maintaining proper social distancing requires additional effort. Team members will need to locate sanitizing stations and seat themselves while maintaining appropriate distance.
  3. Companies need to equip their lobbies and front office departments with modern wayfinding signage to guide meeting attendees and visitors in the right direction with ease.

Wayfinding systems, in general, help in providing location-based information for booking an available space within the organization. Integrated with the best meeting room booking systems, wayfinding can unlock the potential to streamline workspace management and effectively communicate with the employees in a hybrid work environment.

Incorporating wayfinding in your workplace can significantly help the employees and management team make proper and effective space utilization decisions. Employees will be able to locate available desks, meeting rooms, and conference halls, and they will also be able to send and receive notifications about changes.

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Features and Benefits

Before choosing the most appropriate wayfinding system for your organization, let us have a look at some of the most common features and benefits of using wayfinding in the workplace.

  1. Space usage information delivered through interactive communication is helpful and time-saving. Easily accessible maps and displays with real-time data can benefit your employees tremendously.
  2. Wayfinding becomes exponentially convenient and powerful when integrated with the best meeting room booking systems, allowing you and your employees to seamlessly book or cancel meeting rooms and desks.
  3. With a single tap on the screen (mobile or web), get all the data and information you need to control and manage your in-house space utilization.
  4. Digital signage provides real-time data and alerts to the meeting attendees so that meetings can be scheduled and run as efficiently as possible with the best meeting room booking systems.

How Will Meeting Software Help

Choosing the best meeting room booking systems will empower your organization with agility and confidence. Offices may have to deal with unexpected in-person client meetings or other presentations involving external stakeholders. In such cases, it would be more convenient to have a system that enables quick meeting set-ups with the concerned teams without having to worry about space availability.

Rendezvous’ great wayfinding capabilities help in a number of ways. From reducing no-shows to booking desks or meeting rooms, workspace booking software can be of tremendous help. Streamline your meeting management while offering your employees a unique hybrid working experience. Rendezvous, one of the best meeting room booking systems, has all the features you need and more. Make office navigation easy for all; request a demo today.