Top 10 benefits of workplace management software

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Ten Benefits
Streamlined booking process
Integration with Outlook
Fully optimized space utilization
Data-based decision making
Enhanced collaboration
Time and cost savings
Improved employee satisfaction
Eco-friendly operations
Enhanced professional image

With the growth of hybrid working, organizations are having to rethink how they use their meeting and desk space.

Space needs to be fully utilized in terms of occupancy and providing the optimum employee experience.

Technology plays a key role in managing space and having a fully integrated workplace management system is integral. This blog explores how a workplace management platform can streamline your operation and provide a wonderful experience for visitors and staff alike.

1. Streamlined booking process

Gone are the days of double bookings and scheduling conflicts. A dedicated workplace booking system offers a streamlined, intuitive platform that allows employees to view room availability in real-time, book spaces instantly, and adjust reservations on the fly, ensuring a smoother operational flow.

The addition of mobile booking apps makes it an even more intuitive process. The whole workplace management platform can be accessed in the palm of your hand. Easily check desk and room availability on your mobile device and book a space in moments.

A leading workplace booking system, such as Rendezvous Workspace, will utilize floorplan booking making it even simpler to locate and book a desk.

2. Integration with Outlook

The streamlining does not end there. The Rendezvous workplace booking system is fully integrated with Outlook. For corporate users who spend a considerable amount of the day on Outlook, this integration saves a great deal of time. Meeting bookings can be made inside Outlook – no need to break your Outlook workflow and all attendees/service providers are notified immediately. Outlook conference room scheduling is convenient for everyone.

Whether booking through the mobile apps or using the desktop app, all meetings or desk bookings are updated in your calendar. Any changes to meeting bookings are also emailed automatically to the relevant attendees and vended service providers – eliminating any miscommunications and wastage.

3. Fully optimized space utilization

Creating a wonderful digital employee experience is only one aspect of the benefits of the workplace management platform.

With real estate on an ever-rising price spiral it is impertavie for real estate managers to get the best return on their investment.

A workplace management system like Rendezvous Workspace empowers managers with the tools they need to ensure that occupancy is maximized, and space is fully utilized.

Rendezvous Workspace’s business rules help make meeting and desk no shows a thing of the past. For example, if the space is not checked into within 15 minutes of the start time, then it can be released to someone who needs it and can book it – either via the app or even digital signage. No more mad scrambles for meeting room space.

The frustration of staff not having a desk or meeting room due to ghost bookings is eliminated.

4. Data-based decision making

The workplace booking system is a great source of data. Over time real estate leaders can get a real sense of how their space is being utilized, by whom and what the peaks and troughs in occupancy are.

With detailed insights and analytics, these systems enable real estate leaders to understand and optimize their space utilization. By analyzing usage patterns, companies can make informed decisions on real estate investments, potentially reducing unnecessary expenditures on underutilized spaces.

5. Enhanced collaboration

Facilitating easy access to meeting spaces encourages collaboration among team members. Quick and efficient booking processes mean more time can be spent on productive meetings rather than on logistical arrangements, fostering a culture of teamwork and innovation.

The Rendezvous Workspace hybrid workplace management software’s find a colleague feature makes it easy for colleagues to locate their teammates using the floorplan and then booking a desk nearby.

Integration with video conference solutions such as Teams, Zoom and Webex makes it easy to book multi location and multi time zone meetings with Rendezvous taking care of all the coordination including VC start and end points.

6. Time and cost savings

By reducing the manual effort required to manage meeting spaces, businesses can save significant amounts of time and money. Automated systems eliminate the need for dedicated personnel to handle booking requests, allowing resources to be allocated more effectively.

Integration between the workplace management platform and hardware solutions such as visitor management solutions, digital signage, desk panels and access control creates a frictionless experience for staff and visitors alike.

7. Improved employee satisfaction

The convenience and ease of use associated with automated booking systems significantly enhance employee satisfaction. With less time spent on securing meeting spaces, employees can focus more on their core tasks, leading to higher morale and productivity.

Using the mobile apps, staff can plan their whole week in a few minutes.

8. Eco-friendly operations

Digitalizing the meeting room booking process contributes to eco-friendly operations by reducing the need for paper-based scheduling systems. This not only supports environmental sustainability but also aligns with the corporate responsibility goals of many organizations.

Nothing ever needs to be written down and integration with visitor management systems means waving goodbye to paper-based visitors lists.

9. Scalability

As your business grows, so does the need for efficient space management. Meeting room booking software is designed to scale with your business, accommodating an increasing number of users and rooms without compromising performance or user experience.

Based on a Saas model, Rendezvous Workspace can be expanded to your organization’s needs simply and inexpensively. Mobile apps can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our mobile-first approach, staff have access to bookings anywhere in the world – they are not tethered to a desk.

Thanks to our Rendezvous Workspace open API – it is easy to grow the workplace management platform to meet your evolving needs with integration to leading digital signage, room panels, desk panels, access control systems, visitor management, occupancy sensors and much more.

Rendezvous Workspace can easily become the central plank of a fully evolved workplace ecosystem.

10. Enhanced professional image

Using a sophisticated workplace booking system can significantly enhance an organization’s professional image. It reflects a commitment to technology and efficiency, impressing clients and partners with smooth and seamless meeting arrangements.

Integration with visitor management software ensures that professionalism begins from the moment guests enter your building. Integration with Outlook ensures that they are kept abreast of any changes and the integrated digital signage ensures that they always find the right meeting room.


A workplace management platform is imperative to the efficient running of a modern workplace.

A solution such as Rendezvous Workspace eliminates manual room and desk booking processes while ensuring that you have all the data at your fingertips to make informed future decisions around space.

With a mobile first approach and integration to other key hardware and software platforms, Rendezvous Workspace is the ideal hybrid workplace management software solution.