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Different Tools For Boosting Productivity
Putting It All Together with Rendezvous

Over the last few years, productivity has become ever more important, with several businesses trying to figure out what works best for them. With teamwork and collaboration taking the center stage, it is essential for companies to streamline processes. A meeting room is where different projects, teams, and people meet to unwind, brainstorm, reorganize, and plan ahead. A meeting room management system helps you organize all of them in one place.

Different Tools For Boosting Productivity

A one-shot solution often comes with limitations. With out-of-the-box solutions that bring the best of various apps, businesses are bringing themselves closer with video conferencing and keeping each other updated. Transparency is vital in making things work, especially when you do not work face to face with your peers. Let us now understand the types of solutions in the market for each problem that a team faces.

Breaking Boundaries With Team Communication Apps
Communication is central for all businesses to function properly, from introducing different people to a newcomer to ensuring everyone is on the same page. Different personal workstyles mean different people are engaged in different capacities; a few are working from home, and a few might be working from the office. Microsoft Teams is one of the mainstream tools used by companies of all sizes, from small-scale businesses to mega conglomerates. The principle behind Teams is that you can reach out to your peers and connect with them on a call with a few clicks; the Teams app works both on your phone and personal computer.

Face-to-Face With Video Conferencing Software
When someone is working from home, the best way to keep them engaged is by facilitating a video conference now and then. From a silly game to boost team morale to increasing credibility by turning your video on, you can include everyone without any issue. Equipping your firm with a simple meeting room management system that integrates with any video conferencing software enables everyone to join and takes your business to the next level.

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Scheduling With Calendar Management Systems
A calendar management system is not as complicated as it sounds; it simply shows whether a person is available or what he/she is engaged in. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet are some of the most efficient scheduling tools.

The first step of managing the team is to manage how much time they spend talking to each other and taking the steps necessary to move the needle. With the help of Rendezvous, you can integrate your Outlook with the meeting room management system at your office; it grants a holistic view of what your team members are engaged in. It also provides insights as to how long to make effective decisions that can reorganize your existing systems. With this system, it is also possible to track how a person is managing their time and whether it is essential for resources to be allocated for brainstorming sessions.

Managing Your Workload With Task Management Tools
Assigning and managing tasks is key to pushing transparency throughout your employees for a seamless transition to an offline setting and data flow within your organization. Along with making the best out of the time they have together in a call, they would also understand the gravity of taking time from others’ schedules. A meeting room management system will help make things easier because once you know whom to collaborate with and when to do so, this system will fill in the last part of that criteria, the where.

Meeting Room Management System
A meeting room software will provide everyone with the answer for where the employees can go for collaboration and communication to make crucial decisions. Meeting room management can help your organization meet with your clients and collaborate with teams beyond your company. For a visiting conference or a client, a software solution to where the meeting room is, along with the floor plan and routing, is ideal and makes a first impression that stays.

Putting It All Together with Rendezvous

A cloud-based meeting software optimized for teams and companies of all sizes, Rendezvous is an all-in-one solution built with the end user in mind. You can book services and equipment you need for physical meetings through the meeting room management system, whether food or video conferencing apparatus or audio systems. For companies that work beyond International boundaries, this system coordinates multiple time zones and locations, leaving no room for confusion.

With its built-in meeting room booking system, Rendezvous can be an ideal fit in your ideal workplace. Rendezvous can work where you need effective integration; it has MS Office 365 integration to ensure everyone is on the same page. Whenever there is a small change, everyone is notified so that you can address and communicate the change to your whole team without hassle.