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Auckland Museum Chooses Rendezvous Venue Management Software


Auckland Museum chooses-Rendezvous venue management and event booking software :

At Auckland Museum managing events presents unique logistical challenges. Venues at the Museum include the Grand Foyer, which seats 250 for cocktail parties, product launches, banquets, balls, or wedding receptions; two major galleries; Members’ Lounge, and the nostalgic Centennial Street, with replica streets and houses from Auckland’s past.

The Museum dramatically increased its venue capacity with the completion of a Grand Atrium over three years. This included a purpose-built events center on the roof which seats 450 people, together with a 200-seater auditorium and some smaller function rooms. It was decided to install Rendezvous venue management software to run the business.

Managing events in such a venue presents unique logistical challenges. Preparing an area like the Grand Foyer, for a fully catered dinner event, takes careful planning and co-ordination. Timing is everything, and it is vital for the Museum to be able to capture information and relay it to all concerned.

“Rendezvous delivers all we want, but is obviously capable of a whole lot more,” says the Museum’s Commercial Manager Scott Ashton, referring to the extensive capability of Rendezvous to manage in-house catering, inventory control, marketing, and all ancillary requirements for convention-type event centres. “To have something custom-made was obviously going to be more expensive than buying something off the shelf and tinkering with it a little bit,” he adds.

So, for less than the cost of a custom-built solution, the Museum has implemented a future-proofed venue management software system, which will grow with its expanding requirements.

In line with the Museum’s needs, Rendezvous venue management software was customized to match the existing venue management software systems and practices for booking rooms, services, and equipment. Rendezvous also generates invoices, online quotes and customized contracts for venue bookings and can integrate with third-party accounting software.

The solution also offers the Museum an ability to create a graphical layout of room and floor space, ensuring clear understanding between venue and client. Museum Events Manager, Lucy O’Mahony, says the event booking software has been simple and easy to use.