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Best Event and Venue Booking software :

Oasis Events, the exclusive management company and caterer for two of Indianapolis’ brightest special event venues, has installed Rendezvous SaaS, the hosted version of NFS’ event booking software for more accurate booking and streamlined scheduling.

The venues are The Terrace at Market Tower and Murat Shrine Temple. Each has its own restaurant and banquet/catering components.

By day The Terrace at Market Tower is a restaurant. At night it is an exceptional private venue and caterer for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners or corporate events, offering spectacular views of downtown Indianapolis and seating up to 200.

With a majestic location in the Massachusetts Avenue cultural district, the Murat Shrine serves two core audiences: the general public and the many clubs within the Shrine group. With a restaurant and three distinct ballroom settings, this venue hosts weddings and corporate events.

Oasis is known for its imaginative catering and its chefs have worked at some of the best restaurants in town. So when Oasis set out to streamline its events scheduling and boost booking accuracy at both venues, the company installed Rendezvous SaaS, event scheduling software. Because Oasis chose the hosted version for both locations, the option obviated installation and IT costs.

“Rendezvous has made a huge difference to our operations and we enjoy using the system,” says Patti Stowers, Owner/Operator of Oasis Events. “It suits our needs perfectly as we use the event booking software to handle inquiries to ensure that none are overlooked.”

Patti also appreciates the calendaring capabilities and the concise view provided of upcoming events. “We can input feedback and notes for each event and client,” she adds.

The CCReg in Rendezvous event scheduling software is another plus, allowing staff to attach documents and graphical layouts for clients. In regard to contracts, Patti likes the way Rendezvous event booking software allows her team to use confirmations within the system, whilst setting her own terms and conditions.

“Having the system hosted by NFS is a big benefit,” says Patti. “It makes things easy and it’s great being able to access Rendezvous from anywhere!”

Oasis is now looking into a third venue offering similar facilities. With Patti singing the praises of Rendezvous event booking software, it looks likely that this system will play a central role in the new operation as well.