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Technology Leader Adopts A Dream Machine


Executive summary

Rendezvous offers both meeting room and catering booking… and much more
Smooth transition

Technology Leader Fujitsu selects leading catering and room booking software :

Fujitsu General (U.K.) Co., Limited is one of the world’s leading IT systems and service companies. With thousands of employees at offices around the world, its UK headquarters in London’s Baker Street has about 250 employees – and a steady stream of visitors.

Facilities Coordinator Jacqui Wade and her team began to look for a system to handle catering and meeting room booking. As they had relied on a ‘glorified Outlook’ calendar and an in-house booking system in the old offices, something was clearly needed to improve the level of service. Compass, their contract caterer, suggested NFS Technology.

Rendezvous offers both meeting room and catering booking… and much more

“We were looking for a system that would simply book our meeting rooms and manage sandwich orders and directors’ lunches,” says Jacqui. “But on seeing a demonstration of Rendezvous, we realised that it could handle much more than that. It could also provide visitor management, which is a very big issue for us.”

The UK headquarters building attracts hundreds of visitors each day, including many Fujitsu employees visiting from Europe, Japan and the Americas. When Jacqui showed the security staff the Visitors module in Rendezvous, they were delighted as it keeps track of visitors and also issues badges.

“We have so many visitors and now tracking is easy,” Jacqui adds. “All visitors are notified to Reception so there’s no time lost when they arrive. All their movements are tracked no matter how many meetings they attend. We always know where everyone is.”

In terms of facilities, the new headquarters building has 18 meeting rooms and six hot desks. Rendezvous is used to manage A/V equipment and video conferencing as well as catering.

Smooth transition

Jacqui says that NFS provided intense training in the very short time available before the go-live date. The actual go-live went “exceptionally smoothly”, she says. “I’m an old hand at this and I expected some gremlins. But it all went like a dream.”

The new solution started saving personnel time right away. Referring to the 12 other authorized Rendezvous users in reception, facilities management and catering, she comments: “We can now all look at the same screen at the same time We can discuss a given meeting room on the phone without having to move from our desks. It is a big time saver.”

Using the Self-Service module, other personnel can access the information they need from Rendezvous on a view-only basis, using the Self Service module in Rendezvous. This interface allows non-booking office staff to make/request room bookings while booking staff retain control of the rooms.

Other benefits come from much better reporting, Jacqui says. “We can look at last month’s business and future bookings. We can get any information we need.”

Noting that NFS tech staff have been “very supportive”, Jacqui says that they have helped her and the team use more of the functionality within Rendezvous. “There are some things that get covered in training that you think you will not need. When we decide we need them after all, NFS shows us how.”

In Rendezvous, Fujitsu got what it wanted – a reliable solution for catering, meeting rooms and visitor management. Jacqui sums up quite simply: “It does everything we ask it to do.”