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Rendezvous offers a powerful set of reports using Microsoft SSRS as well as highly visual Dashboards. These are ideal for the FM team to be able to get a real time view on how a facility is being used, particularly during a period when reduced staff density, social distancing, track and trace and active compliance is essential.

The sample Dashboards below provide information that supports decisions on how space is used.

Rendezvous Dashboards


The most used rooms Dashboard helps with critical decisions on space utilization, supporting space management decisions.


The people count by meeting Dashboard provides valuable information to manage room capacity as well as supporting data to deal with larger meetings.


The Visitor count Dashboard indicates daily what Visitor peaks need to be managed in terms of both social distancing and foyer people management.


The desk utilization Dashboard supports decisions on what desks may need to be taken out of service or require cleaning on a more frequent basis.


Effective Compliance Driven By Data

A key priority for businesses today is getting staff back to work safely, enforcing social distancing, ensuring desk cleaning is robust and capturing data that supports a track and track programme. NFS provide a range of solutions that will help with these challenges. A recent addition to our Rendezvous portfolio is the Embrava sensing/presence technology.

Embrava is one of many sensor platforms that fully integrate with Rendezvous, using the Rendezvous API. This technology offers contactless check in/out, highly visual notification that helps staff to work safely as well as clear messaging on important matters such as which space can be used together with the associated cleaning status. Presence technology also supports an active track and trace strategy.

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