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Why choose Rendezvous for your conference room management

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Simple and streamlined technology

Rendezvous conference room software offers law firms, head offices and multi location businesses of all sizes a simple and streamlined way to manage and schedule conference and meeting rooms and resources using an integrated cloud based system.

The benefits of our conference software include Outlook integration, configurable workflows, automated meeting change notification, management reporting and a self-service interface that makes it simple for employees to book a conference space even when they are on the move, using an app.

Rendezvous’ video conference and Telepresence functionality makes multi-location meetings easy to organize, even across time zones. Add in the ability to pre order catering, A/V equipment installs and extra efficiency features such as visitor management and badge printing and it’s easy to see why Rendezvous has become the conference room software market leader.

Key Features

Greet and track guests, with integrated badge printing

Get real-time utilization data to support better space planning

Reduce meeting no-shows by making sure everyone knows of changes

Encourage uptake by making them simple to organize

Book equipment, parking and catering in the same transaction

Seamless integration with leading signage and room panel technologies

4 great reasons to choose Rendezvous conference room software

Better productivity: Make it easy for your remote employees to locate and book the space they need for meetings and video conferences via an app, in just moments.

Better communications: All involved in a meeting – even service staff – are kept automatically in the loop with Rendezvous conference room software, whenever a change to the meeting details is made.

Visitor experience: Receptionists can see information so they can greet visitors personally and direct them to the right place. Digital signage also helps with wayfinding.

Business insight: Managers can track their workspace in real-time by monitoring resource usage by room, number of bookings or time utilized, cost, user and provider.

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