Take the guesswork out of management

When you are responsible for the millions of dollars of real estate in a dynamic corporate environment then you need to have access to accurate data.
The Rendezvous reporting suites combines accurate data with flexibility and ease of use.



The benefits of our reporting suite

Easy to understand

Easy to understand

With a highly graphical dashboard, time-poor managers can see all the key usage metrics at a glance.



Based on the industry-leading Microsoft Reporting Services, we provide a comprehensive report set out of the box.



You can easily take our reports and manipulate them in Excel to give you the data you that you specifically need.

Our reporting suite delivers:

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Automated reporting

If you need to run a regular report on, say, room usage then the software can be quickly configured to produce this report whenever you need it – literally set and forget it.

It’s a great time saver and you and your team can then concentrate on the important tasks in hand – the analysis of the data and execution of strategic decisions.

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Graphical dashboards

Rendezvous has a highly intuitive dashboard which is great for collaborative decision making – complex data can be presented in an attractive and easy to understand way.

At a glance you can pinpoint information about room usage, for example.

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Advanced and accurate data analysis

Rendezvous utilizes the power of Microsoft Reporting Services to provide you with the best data analysis solution on the market.

With our reporting suite you can easily yet accurately measure room utilization, resource usage and other key metrics. With our real-time sensor technology, you can also rest assured that you are getting the ultimate in accurate data as it is based on actual utilization with no margin for error.

Our white paper “The Hidden Costs of Wasted Space” to discover how data can help you save on your real estate costs

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