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Looking to create perfect environment for your hybrid & agile workers?


It’s the perfect way to transform your workplace. And Rendezvous is also much more than a desk booking solution.

Here’s what it can do for you:

01 Boost productivity
Boost productivity

No time is wasted – staff book ahead, arrive and can simply get on with work.

02 Improve space utilization
Improve space utilization

With reverse hoteling, you can create temporary hot desks – eg repurposing a space when someone’s on vacation.

03 Stop no-shows
Stop no-shows

Booked desks are automatically released if no-one arrives.

04 Protect wellbeing
Protect wellbeing

Desk booking is via a floorplan, and cleaning staff are automatically alerted when someone checks out

05 Drive decisions with data
Drive decisions with data

Understand real desk usage and support space decisions with robust information

06 Open API for effortless integration
Open API for effortless integration

With best-in-breed desk sensors, access control systems and visitor management solutions

Here’s what some of our 1,800 satisfied customers say


"The commitment, flexibility and expertise of our consultant has allowed for seamless transitions and I look forward to seeing where this technology takes us in the future".

- Sharyn El Amir,

Senior IS Project Manager, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP


"We have used Rendezvous very successfully at our locations in South Africa and we are now rolling out to the UK. A great tool to maximise the use of our space."

– Leon James,

HR & IT Manager, Investec


Hot desk booking software is a specialized solution for the selection, checking in and out of desks. The software enables organizations to fully maximize their desk occupancy and reduce desk “no shows”.

The advantages of a hot desk booking software are that it enables organizations to maximize their space – sensor technology ensures that you get 100% accurate usage data. A hot desk booking system ensures that agile workers can quickly have access to office resources when they need it using a time-saving app.

Rendezvous is the best desk booking software for organizations looking for an affordable, easy to use solution which maximizes the utilization of desk space while providing facilities managers with all the accurate usage data they need to make informed decisions.