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Ensure The Best Office Design For Your Workspace With Myrendezvous

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Optimize Your Workspace: Achieve the Ideal Office Design with MyRendezvous

Getting office design right is important for the employee experience. After all, people spend a lot of time at work.

These aspects of design provide a positive impact:

Authenticity – the space needs to reflect your company culture. For example, if face-to-face collaboration is important then providing comfortable and well-equipped meeting rooms and huddle spaces is a must. At the same time, building casual areas where people can discuss ideas should also be part of the design brief.

Make it somewhere that people want to be. With the appeal of home working making the office a place where people feel energized about visiting is key. The purpose of the office is changing – it is becoming a destination for learning, celebration and collaboration.

Providing choice – when they are in the office they need different spaces for different activities. Provide workers with the areas they need – hot desks for solo work, meeting rooms for collaborative work and so on. Be sensitive to different employee traits – introverts may prefer a quiet area to work.

Make it sustainable – buildings now more than ever need to healthy. Integration between, say, meeting room booking and HVAC can ensure optimum energy efficiency – only occupied rooms use the heat, AC or lighting. Think about providing charging points for electric vehicles.

Promote inclusivity – office spaces are often designed for extroversion. Design needs to work for introverts too. For them to thrive, they need quiet spaces in which they can concentrate uninterrupted.

Workplace leaders are increasingly making data-driven choices. Technology can help drive office design backed with utilization data.

Watch our video How are you actually utilizing your workspace? to see how.


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