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How can technology improve the employee experience?

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Technology can help organizations improve the employee experience in a number of ways:

Creates Order
With the rise of unallocated seating, organizations need desk booking software. This software ensures that seating demand and supply are met and eliminates a chaotic “first come, first serve” approach.

Improves Planning
Workplace management software enables staff to book their whole day using one mobile app. Meetings and desks can be booked in seconds.

Drives Collaboration
Features such Colleague Search enables hybrid staff to pinpoint their colleagues and book a desk as required.

Scheduling Efficiency
Make a desk booking through an app and it gets sent through to staff’s Outlook calendars automatically.

Integration with digital signage enables room booking on the fly. “No shows” can be repurposed dynamically.

Improves the video conference experience
Integration between the room booking software and Teams/Zoom enables meetings to begin immediately. A great time saver!

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