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Improved Employee Experience With Easy Collaboration Using Rendezvous

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There are several ways to improve the employee experience:

Include Employees in Important Decisions
Employees are more likely to do a great job when there is open communication and they feel their work has purpose and is meaningful.

Show Them Appreciation
Make time to intentionally show them that you value your ideas, time and abilities.

Challenge Them
Employees are often less productive and engaged at work because they are bored. Give them more challenging work.

Develop a Career Path
Employees who can clearly see a bright future are more likely to have a better experience and stay longer.

Train Better Leaders
It is often said employees quit because of bad leaders. Invest in more competent leadership.

Offer Tangible Benefits
Forget ping pong tables. Offer employee benefits that have impact their lives meaningfully – flexible work arrangements and schedules for example.

For tips on how to make flexible working a reality, drive engagement and collaboration check out our video What, why and how to collaborate better in a hybrid workplace


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