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What are the new trends in employee experience?

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Embracing Change: Exploring Emerging Trends in Employee Experience

Employee experience is a hot topic right now. It is a constantly evolving concept.

Trends for the future include:

The rise of flexible benefits – rather than superficial benefits such as Ping pong tables employers are looking to offer benefits such as flexible working and improved time off packages.

The rise of a four day week – organizations are trialing this as a concept. Rather than focus on time spent in the office, they are focusing on outputs. It is a great way of attracting new talent and providing work life balance for existing staff.

A focus on improving the workplace experience – employers are creating a sense of purpose for their employees. In addition, they are investing in technology platforms to create a workplace which connects remote and office-based staff.

Employee experience becoming company-wide. HR has long determined employee experience. Going forward it will become determined by other stakeholders such as real estate and IT.

Watch our hybrid working video for ideas on how technology can streamline the strategic process and create a great employee experience.


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