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Why does employee experience matter?

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Employee experience matters for a number of key reasons :

These can be broken down to:

Talent Attraction

Companies are realizing that in order to attract top talent they need to offer a great employee experience. It gives candidates an authentic view of the company.

Wider Access to Information

The talent search goes beyond the company website. Candidates are going to make choices based on a company’s employee experience by looking at social media posts or sites like Glassdoor as, again, they have a ring of authenticity about them.

Employee Engagement

To get the best out of people, employers need to offer work and workplaces which genuinely engage their staff. To do this companies need to respect and listen to their staff and, crucially, act on their feedback.


Employees who benefit from positive employee experiences drive cultures of innovation. Employee engagement is an overriding factor in innovative workplaces.

Increased Productivity

Having a poor digital employee experience wastes time and impacts productivity. Give your staff the digital tools to do the job and they will save time in efficiency gains.

Greater Profitability

More productive staff are more profitable staff.

Improved Employee Retention

Happy employees are more loyal employees. If they are engaged, they are also more likely to be positive advocates for your company.

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