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Why is employee experience important for talent retention?

HomeFAQWhy is employee experience important for talent retention?

Employees are said to be in the driving seat when it comes to jobs. As evidenced by the so-called “great resignation” workers are now prepared to move jobs if they don’t feel the current job is sufficiently in tune with their needs.

Employee experience is now a top priority for HR leaders. It is important because:

Expectations need to be managed – from the first interaction with the company, employees have an expectation of what the employee experience is going to be. This expectation needs to be maintained throughout their subsequent interactions.

A psychological contract needs to be maintained – once the actual employee experience ceases to match the initial impression then the “psychological contract” between employee and organization is broken. The relationship will inevitably deteriorate further.

Once this contract is broken then the talent will be looking elsewhere. From onboarding to the behavior of managers and coworkers it is important to get it right – consistently.

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