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Corporate real estate is an increasingly expensive commodity that needs effective control.

Rendezvous software takes the pressure off, enabling you to manage your space effectively, improve the delivery of vended services and make great decisions backed by reliable usage data.

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Rendezvous is a user-friendly and dynamic diary solution – you see at a glance when a room is available. Its powerful booking engine means double bookings become a thing of the past, and we’ve designed the no-fuss QuickBook app so PAs and remote employees can book rooms rapidly.

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No-shows hurt – expensive booked rooms standing unused while other people are desperate for a room. Rendezvous stops no-shows dead. If the meeting has not been checked in, the room can be released and re-used. No more wasted space or staff ‘peek-a-boos’.

Rendezvous manages multiple time zones in a single booking – you choose the rooms you want with a simple menu. It also manages all the vended services for the entire meeting, and looks after the videoconference endpoints with full integration to leading systems including Cisco.

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Staff can easily book all the catering and AV services they need when they make a booking. Any changes to the order are sent automatically to the service staff so meetings are fully catered and food wastage is eliminated. The service tracker means reactive maintenance can be dealt with swiftly.

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Think you have 80% room occupancy? It might actually only be 40% – but Rendezvous’ business intelligence collects the data that means you know for sure. Increasing occupancy ratios saves you money – see our brochure for an example.

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Rendezvous business intelligence you can drill down into the data and make informed choices. For example, you may find that some of your meeting rooms are rarely used while hot desks are at a premium – the data-driven decision would be to turn the meeting rooms into more hot desk space.

With full integration to Outlook, Rendezvous has no learning curve – you can simply make bookings via Outlook. The native app is based on a highly graphical diary, and for remote employees and PAs who need to book meetings fast our mobile and QuickBook apps have an intuitive touch-based interface.

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Rendezvous allows your team to schedule meetings both in person and virtually, in a single booking process. While in the office, the mobile app offers a “find a colleague” function to help collaboration.

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With a range of on-premise and cloud offerings, Rendezvous is designed to be completely affordable.

Contact us today and our experts will be happy to prepare a bespoke proposal.

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