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You have many technology projects to execute successfully. Better scheduling of meeting rooms is an important priority, but so is the need to have a solution that fully integrates with Outlook and Exchange and other emerging technologies such as room panels and digital signage.

You are keen to adopt best of breed solutions, so an open API based approach is ideal and wish to avoid proprietary technology that is challenging to support, difficult to integrate and eventually becomes a silo of isolated technology.

As a technology leader you need to demonstrate excellent value to your Board and respond to the growing demand for mobile and self-service tools. Based on our experience of working with leading technology managers globally, here are some of the key questions we have been asked. Also see our 5 Star Reviews on the independent review site Capterra:

Rendezvous is a fully managed service, whether it’s installed on premise or as a SaaS solution. It can be installed as a single server solution or scaled where required for larger clients using solutions such as Microsoft Load balancing. The Rendezvous Workspace system uses Microsoft SQL for its database and Microsoft SSRS for its report engine. While Internet Explorer or EDGE is the preferred browser, others will also work with our solution.

Rendezvous is available as a fully managed SaaS solution, deployed by NFS on the Azure Cloud, for the best resilience, security and reliability. We work with our clients to deploy the right Azure facilities and provide the appropriate levels of resilience. We can even create, using the Azure service, a custom deployment, with security, performance and resilience to suit your needs. If you prefer to deploy in your own hosted environment, NFS can deliver the software to you and work with your team to create a perfect solution.

Yes – at NFS we have a wealth of experience when it comes to migrating clients from the existing platform to Rendezvous. In addition to the help and support our project management team offers, the tools available to assist with the essential implementation step include an import utility that takes care of much of the heavy lifting.

NFS guide and support the client through every step of the project. Our projects team has a wealth of experience, having delivered countless implementations on time and on budget. At every stage, from the kick off, to information-finding workshops, to training and a successful go-live, the NFS team is there to offer best practice, advice and support. Once live, NFS offers two levels of outstanding support; Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and a full 24 x 365 option for our global clients.

You have a dedicated project manager who oversees the full deployment, from planning to implementation. This involves designing a clear project plan, starting with a kick off meeting. The technical team, under the guidance of the project manager, liaises with your technical team to ensure a smooth installation. Then the training team takes over to configure and train on the application. Full support is given during testing and acceptance, with an agile approach, so customization can be done during this period to meet your business needs.

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Rendezvous Workspace integrates with Outlook using Exchange Web Services, allowing you to create, modify and cancel appointments irrespective of the interface used. Our mobile app can also use the EWS connector for appointment management for the host and attendees.

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Yes, our QuickBook is an easy to use self-service portal, developed using HTML 5. It can be provided as a portal with single sign-on for the wider user community. Using QuickBook with a fully integrated EWS connector both resources (rooms, desks, car parking) and attendees can be booked in a single seamless experience.

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Rendezvous integration with collaboration solutions of this type allow seamless video conferencing direct from your meeting room. During the booking process, the user can select the collaboration tool they wish to use. Rendezvous Workspace automatically books the room and sends out the URL link to the host and attendees as part of the booking confirmation. Where clients have Skype or Zoom-enabled meeting rooms, this information is also automatically sent to the room console, so the meeting can be started at the touch of a button on entering the space.

Rendezvous Workspace is perhaps the most integrated scheduling platform available today, offering clients a mix of unrivalled choice and a low cost of ownership. While Rendezvous offers integrations with most of the leading branded room screens, namely, Creston, Harman, Evoko, ONELAN, and Resource Express, the solution also offers a room screen interface that is compatible with any Android device.

Yes – while Rendezvous Workspace is already perhaps the most extensively integrated scheduling solution available, we work with clients to ensure that our platform seamless links with other third party offerings. Our powerful and flexible REST API makes this possible.

With Rendezvous, multi-location meetings can be booked in just a few clicks. The user simply selects the required locations from the drop down list, the date and time and hits search. Available resources across the various locations can then be booked in a single process, with full time-zone awareness.

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The booking of services, including catering and AV, as well as any inventory-managed item, is part of the logical booking workflow. Once the user selects an available room, they can hit the services button to access items available for that specific room. The “shop cart” style menu allows users to add the required items and see any associated costs. Once the booking has been confirmed, any relevant service personnel will be sent a new task with details of the items required, location and timings.

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Rendezvous has a fully integrated visitor management module. When room bookings are made, the details of any guests attending meetings, automatically flow through to the visitor module. The front of house team can see at a glance who is due in, when they will arrive, who they are here to see, the nature of the meeting and where to be directed. At the click of a mouse button, the guest is checked into the building and the host is automatically notified. Additional guests can be individually added to the system and groups of guests can be imported quickly and easily. Once the guest is checked in, their badge can be printed with a click.

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