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Building the right model for a people-focused workplace

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    Hybrid working is now a given for most companies, yet difficult questions remain: Should staff be forced back to the office? How do we make sure business culture survives? What are the real benefits?

    Companies who get their hybrid working model right are reporting positive outcomes – better talent retention, wellness and greater productivity.

    So our People Focused Workplace Webinar on November 10 is designed to answer many important questions with practical examples of how to implement hybrid working.

    It’s based on the findings of leading organisations like Gartner, and the experiences of some of our most successful clients.

    You will discover:
    • What the research shows about staff retention, wellness and productivity
    • How leading companies have approach the people-first agenda – and how to make it pay dividends
    • What technology tools are critical to make hybrid working a success
    • A structured approach to implementing a hybrid workplan—see link to video.

    Discover what really works in practice: reserve your place on our webinar now.

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