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We work with the leading providers of digital signage solutions so that you can provide a fully comprehensive wayfinding solution to your meeting attendees.

Meeting Room digital signage

The benefits of our digital signage integration

Time saving

Time saving

Staff can quickly find an available room and book it directly on the touch panel – all fully integrated with Rendezvous.



Our solution works with all the leading suppliers such as Evoko, Crestron, Harman AMX and Apple. We can even provide a custom solution.


Easy to use

Colour coding and clear informative text enable your staff to quickly see when a room is occupied and for how long and by whom.

A choice of hardware solutions

Evoko Display


  • Easy to view calendar to display meetings by day
  • Automated ability to start, stop or even extend a meeting
  • Meetings in progress overview
  • Fast ways to book an urgent meeting
  • Easy facility for booking a future meeting in the same room
  • Email alerts when service issues need to be reported

The advantage is low cost, familiar user experience and industry standard hardware with Apple’s rock solid reliability (approximately 1.5% failure rate depending on version)

Evoko Display


  • Red and green LED lighting makes available rooms easy to spot from a distance and from any angle
  • Calendar view displays meetings for the day
  • Simple features to start, stop or extend the current meeting
  • Clear view of meetings in progress
  • Quick book for urgent meetings
  • Book future meetings in the same room
  • Email alert to report service issues

Evoko Display

Harman AMX

Rendezvous integrates with Harman AMX to offer a powerful system, with the ability to integrate with the powerful Harman AMX AV solution set, including in-room controls and a range of panel options, all designed to offer up to date views on space availability. The features supported are:

  • The meeting room name or number
  • The meeting’s title
  • The meeting’s host
  • Start time, including set-up
  • End time, including breakdown
  • Blocking of private or con dential meetings
  • Blocking of meetings without detailed information



Offering the leading solution for companies looking to automate and control their environment. As part of a seamless integration with Rendezvous we offer the ability to:

  • Book rooms, desks and all vended services such as catering, audio visual, IT and VC
  • Provide check in / check out and the minimisation of no shows
  • Improve connectivity and the meeting experience
  • Extend the meeting from within the meeting room itself
  • Link room equipment and HVAC to room occupancy


Qubi for cost effective room and desk Check In/Out

Qubi offers a simple and cost effective solution to display room and desk free/busy status, as well as to track usage of space using a card based RFID solution for check in and out.

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With dynamic links to the Rendezvous solution, Reserva offers a number of benefits:

  • Display of availability / busy room status at a glance
  • Room signs clearly show the current status of a meeting room
  • Summary of information about current and upcoming meetings
  • Meetings can be booked, extended/shortened and cancelled from the touchscreen
  • Check in functionality also helps manage ‘no shows’ and improve workspace utilisation

Sounds interesting?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve the maximum utilisation of your meeting rooms and real estate.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants who will be to happy to discuss the benefits of our solution.

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