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With today’s hybrid working, every minute your people spend in the office needs to count.  Digital signage is a great way to make sure every meeting they attend is efficient, convenient and creates the perfect conditions for collaboration.

Integrated with Rendezvous, meeting room digital panels make meetings flow by:

  • allowing staff to book a meeting space with a touch
  • guiding attendees to the right place easily and 
  • making in-room changes quick and easy.

Digital signage software for meeting room is a further tool in your hybrid working strategy, offering agile workers. A digital signage room booking software helps professionals to enhance their visitor management and ensures a user-friendly atmosphere for guests. Visitors will not lose their way as the primary role of a digital signage room booking system is to guide them to the workspace:

  • touch-free check in and out of hot desks for safety and convenience
  • helping them locate co-workers 
  • providing valuable utilization data for supporting space decisions.

It’s time to put the power of digital signage into your hybrid working strategy. Rendezvous workplace management software works hand-in-hand with leading brands including Embrava, ONELAN, Crestron, Harman AMX, Evoko, QED and Apple so you can be sure of reliability, easy use and the latest innovations.

Business features

Benefits digital signage brings you

Reduce no-shows at your meetings with digital signage’s great wayfinding capabilities, and save time with touchscreen booking and in-room panels for meeting control.

Discover more about the big benefits Rendezvous meeting room booking solution brings:

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Easy space and desk booking

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Efficient, productive meetings

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Better collaboration

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Reduced delays

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Fingertip in-room control

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Reassured workers

A Choice Of Solutions

Creston - Intelligent meeting room solutions

  • Book rooms, desks and all vended services such as catering, audio visual, IT and VC
  • Provide check in / check out and the minimisation of no shows
  • Improve connectivity and the meeting experience
  • Extend the meeting from within the meeting room itself

Reserva – next generation room management

  • Display real time meeting schedule from NFS Workspace
  • Maximise workspace utilisation by releasing meeting rooms when attendees don’t turn up
  • Book meetings in an instant from the touchscreen
  • Use meeting room signs to display corporate communications as part of a digital signage network

Qubi for cost effective room and desk check in/out

  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • Displays room and desk free/busy status,
  • Tracks usage of space using a card based RFID solution for check in and out

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Ipad based – for a low cost and a familiar interface

  • Red and green colour coding makes available rooms easy to spot
  • Calendar view displays meetings for the day
  • Simple features to start, stop or extend the current meeting
  • Clear view of meetings in progress

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Amx by harman– quality and flexibility, around a complete solution

  • Industry leading AV and control
  • A range of panel options and in-room controls are available
  • Meeting information displayed on the panels:
  • Meeting room name/number

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With hundreds of employees attending several meetings in 33 rooms in one business day, DLA Piper needed to find meeting management technology to help increase office productivity.

Law firm retains integrated meeting management technology

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