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Your hybrid working environment

Hybrid working provides your workforce with opportunities to gain access to technology and collaboration when they come to the office, a better work life balance by completing some work tasks at home.

In recent years, the sophisticated hybrid workplace has become the gold standard for knowledge workers in Indian organizations and worldwide.

The Rendezvous enhanced employee experience

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Hybrid working is evolving because of
these 3 factors:

Improved space utilization

As the workplace changes to encompass more home working either permanently or a few days a week, the way organizations make the most of their office space is crucial.

Your space needs to be organized in a cost-effective way that also delivers the resources your hybrid working staff require in the office, whenever they need them.

The way workers are interacting with your building is developing all the time, so you need accurate hybrid workspace utilization data so you can plan accurately for future change.

The employee experience

Many employees enjoy home working and can be reluctant to make the journey to spend time in the office.

To persuade them to take advantage of all the office offers – collaboration, networking, friendship and social contact – you need to offer flexibility, a great employee experience and a structured deployment of working styles that are focused on outputs rather than on location.

The hybrid workplace agenda

To achieve management support for a hybrid work environment, workplace leaders need to show it generates more productivity, collaboration and wellness.

A great employee digital experience is a key driver of all of these things, and a good way to retain talent. Hybrid working software must be mobile, time-saving and data-driven.

Rendezvous provides the perfect hybrid working software toolkit


Desk booking

Many organizations now deploy unallocated seating, and it’s important to match demand with supply in your hybrid workplace. Rendezvous ensures maximum occupancy with reverse hoteling, which enables allocated desks to be repurposed as available space when the users do not need them.

Hybrid workplace software with a desk booking via an app ensures a desk for your staff when they travel to the office. It maintains optimum seating levels with smart features such as auto-releasing desks and meeting rooms that are booked but unused.

Innovations include floorplan booking via a mobile app make it easier for your staff to use, and integration with Outlook ensures desk bookings are logged automatically for future reference.

Other advanced hybrid working solutions include integration with QR code readers and desk panels so people can check in and out of their desks quickly and safely. Features such as “find a colleague” create a convenient hybrid working environment where they get immensely valuable face time for collaboration and mentorship – two key reasons for working in the office and a good reason why they come in.


Sensor technology

Where space is less of an issue, it may not be quite as necessary to book a desk before you arrive in the office – and this is where sensor technology helps.

Workers simply turn up at the office and check the availability of desks using digital signage connected to the occupancy sensors. They can then walk up to a free desk and check in automatically, because the sensor detects their presence.

Sensors are important hybrid working solutions that provide workplace leaders with real-time utilization data that can be analyzed to support effective space planning decisions. As part of a wider suite of hybrid workplace software, sensors and meeting room booking software give crucial data on how your staff are interacting with the space – and what might work even better.

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Meeting room booking

Staff in India and around the world tell surveys that meeting people fact to face is a key reason for going to the office. It sparks ideas and allows fast decision-making. Hybrid working solutions ensure that meetings are efficiently organized and no valuable time is wasted.

Rendezvous’ easy-to-use interface with Outlook integration reduces the time workers need to spend on organizing meetings. Integration between the hybrid working software and collaboration tools such as Teams and Zoom ensure even complex multi-location and multi time zone meetings are easy to arrange. Catering and AV can be organized from the same interface in seconds.


Visitor management

Creating a safe and comfortable environment for hybrid workers and visitors is high on the business agenda. Rendezvous is designed with safety in mind – Integration between the hybrid working software and visitor management ensures safety and security, while making sure visitors are still treated like VIPs. QR code check in ensures a touch free process that maximizes visitor flow.

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