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Empowering your connected workplace

Rendezvous workplace software’s powerful open API easily connects up all your other workplace-related software and hardware.

This open approach means you can make sure your existing technology investment is fit for the future, and create an ecosystem that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Space utilization

The Rendezvous open API helps you capture and analyze availability information for every category of space including desks, meeting rooms, car parking and hoteling spaces.

The Rendezvous API supports queries you might have including duration, time, and location-based searching and capacity criteria for meeting rooms. It supports the most detailed level of searching – for instance, for a specific space within the building.

Linking to digital signage

The Rendezvous API integrates with a wide range of leading brands of digital signage platform. That includes room panels, AV systems and desk panels, and ensures that your ecosystem has enhanced features that are not available off the shelf.

Room panel example: the API enables staff to view current room availability on the room panel, and they also can book it from the signage panel.

The API also enables advanced functionality eg rescheduling meetings directly from the digital screen, or booking an existing space at a different time.

Transform your workplace with Rendezvous integrated digital technology


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    Great connectivity with IoT/sensor platforms

    In sensor/IoT environments, the Rendezvous API works hand in hand with the sensor to allow you to check occupancy in real-time.

    This helps you:

    • Identify the actual occupancy of spaces such as desks and meeting rooms.
    • Carry out people counts, which is particularly useful for meeting rooms where you can identify discrepancies between the number of participants booked and the actual number in the room.
    • Auto-release of rooms where an IoT device has been deployed, which is useful for minimizing no-shows.
    Connectivity with IOTSensor platforms

    Data extraction for analytics platforms

    Organizations require detailed space utilization knowledge if they are seeking to optimize their real estate profile.

    Rendezvous API provides 100% accuracy on the real-time occupancy of your space, and is often used to support the delivery of information to an analytics system. The analytics platform provides a granular level of space utilization data plus graphical information to give your facilities team a deep understanding of how workspace is occupied at different times.


    Staff like booking space using their familiar Outlook, and Rendezvous’. unique Outlook calendar connector means they can do exactly that.

    They can check available space, people and resources as well as book a room in real time without leaving the Outlook interface.

    Connections to building management systems (BMS)

    Minimizing your energy consumption of a building is critical for cost reduction and environmental reasons.

    Your building information system uses the Rendezvous API to identify data such as meeting start and end times, and can then easily control lighting, air conditioning and heating so rooms are always at their optimum temperature.

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