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Want to create and deliver the perfect meeting?


It’s meeting perfection – and Rendezvous is also much more

Here’s what it can do for you:

01 Improve-space-use
Improve space use

Make sure the right rooms are booked, and release empty space. Staff can make last-minute bookings via self-service, kiosks and mobile apps

02 Welcome-visitors-safely
Welcome visitors safely

Capture accurate information securely, notify hosts on arrival and allow contactless check-in.

03 Manage-services-better
Manage services better

Order catering via a mobile app – or cancel if necessary. Manage inventory of limited items, and alert FM of new requirements.

04 decision-making
Make supported decisions

Dashboards and utilization reports provide data for facilities decisions and long-term space planning.

05 Calendar
Hold great events

Deliver complex events, allocating costs and capturing feedback – Rendezvous integrates with finance and HR.

06 API
Open API for effortless integration

With best-in-breed room sensors, in-room panels and video conferencing.

Here's what some of our 1,800 satisfied customers say

DLA piper

”This new technology has increased our productivity at DLA Piper. NFS Rendezvous software is simple to use — once we got it set up it was easy to book meetings.”

- Kevin Wertlieb,

Senior Unified Communications Engineer, DLA Piper


"Working in a busy NHS Trust, the time of our staff is precious. We needed a room booking system that was easy to use, could get the job done quickly and be transparent enough so that staff can see which room are available, and when."

- Terry Murphy,

Assistant Director of Property


Meeting room booking software is a specialized software designed specifically to remove the complexity of booking meeting rooms and ancillary services such as catering, video conferencing and audio visual.

Meeting room booking software gives facilities managers the room usage data they need to make future real estate decisions. A meeting room booking system eliminates meeting “no shows” and the inefficiency of double booking of rooms.

You need to look at your office environment, evaluate your existing software, do a needs analysis and ask the right questions of your vendor when choosing meeting software. The typical first step would be to have a discussion with the vendor to discuss the options which are available to you before having a detailed demonstration.