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Meeting Room Management Software Overview

Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software offers law firms, head offices and multi location businesses of all sizes a simple and streamlined way to manage and schedule conference and meeting rooms and resources using an integrated cloud based system. Our clients in these industries are gaining benefits from our conference and meeting room software thanks to MS Outlook integration, configurable workflows, automated meeting change notification, management reporting and a Self-Service interface.

The solution’s video conference and telepresence functionality enables multi-location meetings and helps reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint too. Add in the ability to pre order catering, A/V equipment installs and extra efficiency features such as visitor management and badge printing and it is clear to see why Rendezvous meeting room system is the market leader.

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The meeting Visitor Management module offers security and reception staff visibility of all attendees expected for bookings made through the Rendezvous conference booking system. As this information can only be accessed by authorized users, Rendezvous meeting room reservation system is gaining popularity with the legal and corporate sectors for security planning. One major advantage of such scheduling software is that information is available as soon as the visitor enters the building. Rendezvous also incorporates the following handy features providing exceptional additional functionality to this conference room system.

  • Easy Search Facility – Receptionists can easily search for visitors based on a variety of criteria.
  • Integrated Badge Printing – The visitor management screen can integrate to a badge printer which can automate the process using the pre established visitor list streamlining the conference scheduling and running process.
  • Delegate Tracking – With Rendezvous conference reservation software you can track delegates, assigning them properties such as external supplier, internal staff member and so on. These properties can then filter which meeting and conference rooms should be made available to them. If external the visitor management can track attendees, suppliers and contractors.
  • Reporting – Create on the fly reports for expected visitors, arrived visitors included expected arrival times and actual arrival times
  • Marketing Benefits – Each visitor has the opportunity to have details assigned to their record such as a photo, personal details such as number and email and company details which all provides future marketing benefit.


Powerful, Integrated, Real-Time Reports

Rendezvous’s meeting room system provides an excellent foundation for gaining valuable business insight based on the data contained in the system.

Management Reporting Tools should be designed to allow high-level management the ability to make long-term decisions as opposed to just day-to-day ones, through being able to spot trends, or peaks and troughs in their business.

Managers can track their business in real time by monitoring resource usage by room, number of bookings or time utilised, cost, user and provider. They can view least booked and most booked rooms, and by using any criteria of their choice, they are able to report on an infinite amount of data collected during the booking process.

All reports can be previewed, directly emailed or exported in a variety of formats including Acrobat PDF, Word, Excel and CSV, giving users the option to select an appropriate format for the task in hand.

Conference room management software


Use Meeting Scheduling Software To Keep All Your Meeting Participants In The Loop – Effortlessly

One of the biggest challenges in organizing meetings is keeping all participants updated on last-minute changes, such as the need for flip charts, A/V equipment, catering, new visitors or any other element. The Rendezvous meeting room system with Workspace Automated Alerts module provides an easy and paper-free way to update staff on any changes as they happen, using automated emails sent from the central booking system to mobile devices, PCs or even plasma screens. This also automates new requirement requests or meeting changes to PDA’s for AV technicians catering staff and any other staff who need to be notified. Plasma notice boards are now increasingly used and the Rendezvous conference suite can update these notice boards on the fly, keeping your staff updated wherever they are.

Automated Delivery Of New Requirements And Meeting Updates To Service Centres

The Rendezvous Workspaces’ Tracker screen displays notifications immediately, and with full item details if required, on relevant staff PCs, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones at the relevant Service Centre (e.g. Catering, AV, Reception). The Tracker also allows the Service Centre to confirm back to the meeting and events team that appropriate action has been taken eg item approved/denied, delivered and retrieved.


The Benefits Of Rendezvous Meeting Booking Software with Workspace Automated Alerts

  • Improves communication between key meeting participants: Host, Reception, Service Provider and Visitor.
  • Assurance of accurate, up-to-the-minute updates which are easily and efficiently communicated.
  • Service staff receive updates on the go, wherever they are in the building.
  • Once set up, one click sends all function changes to the necessary service providers.
  • Give the Meetings Team greater flexibility to deal with last-minute requests, changes and cancellations.


Transformational Business Technology

Today, many organizations are adopting technology to deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the workplace. To sustain this adoption, flexible working is on the increase and so is the use of technology for remote business meetings, based around hoteling – or hot desks – and video conferencing.

Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software is designed as a robust and flexible technology platform to enable businesses to more easily adopt standard video conference and telepresence technology.

The Desktop

The Rendezvous meeting room booking software has the tools for true multi–location VC scheduling based on Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

In addition to standard scheduling we have created MS Outlook (2003/2007) Wizards that guide the user through a simple VC booking experience, while taking care of all the complexities using a powerful workflow engine.


Room And Resource Management

A successful VC experience requires all aspects of the scheduling process to work in a seamless manner. Rendezvous Workspace resource scheduling software brings together all elements of a remote meeting into a single event, eliminating all the common points of failure, for example, dynamic alerts for technical support staff.

Agenda Management

Because a VC meeting should be no different to a normal meeting, Rendezvous Workspace incorporates critical components like agenda management, providing that unique combination of efficient scheduling and live meetings interchange.

Telepresence Ready

For that very real business meetings experience, Rendezvous Meeting Room Software is also designed for telepresence scheduling, providing full integration with the leading Tandberg T3 telepresence and Teliris VirtuaLive solutions.


Meeting Rooms & Resources

  • Check availability of rooms, book them and check schedules of colleagues to eliminate unnecessary processes.
  • All AV requests, foodservice requirements and meeting invitations sent in seconds.
  • Easy to book AV equipment and catering with simple drop down menus in Outlook.
  • Simple to check availability and inventory of equipment to eliminate the need to hire externally.

Hot Desk Booking

  • Check all aspects of booking a hot desk for staff or attendees.
  • Car park allocation.
  • Location and if it is grouped.
  • Duration of the booking.
  • Requirements such as IT equipment.

Car Park Booking

  • Easily reserve car parking for attendees.
  • Book disabled spaces.
  • Define the duration of stay and access rights.

Visitor Management

  • Empower reception staff to give better customer service.
  • Integration with badge printing systems enables arrivals and non-arrivals to be checked and tracked throughout the building for security purposes.


  • More than 150 management reports enables informed decisions about room usage.
  • Dynamic real time Business Intelligence dashboard to make decisions based on up-to-date analytical data.
  • Make significant savings by pinpointing wastage on, for example, heating and lighting.

 Video Conferencing

  • Simplifies even the most complex agenda management process.
  • Enables collaborative working.
  • Manages remote meetings spanning multiple time zones and locations.
  • Integration with major VC platforms including Cisco and Polycom.

Mobile Working

  • Options to work flexibly from iPads to check schedules or make amendments while on the move
  • Fully integrated with Outlook/Exchange.
  • Option to wall mount an iPad outside a meeting room so changes can be quickly notified to service providers and attendees.
  • Keeps service providers in touch through their mobile devices for rapid response.

Notifications & Alerts

  • Automated alerts and notifications to eliminate time consuming manual processes.
  • Last minute changes and service requests, such as foodservice or maintenance, efficiently sent to service staff.
  • All notifications work seamlessly with existing Outlook and Exchange workflow.

Shrinking the carbon footprint

  • ‘Do more with less’ through resource optimization. Utilization reports prevent you from purchasing resources you don’t really need.
  • Reduce HVAC emissions by heating and cooling space only as needed, based on room use and occupancy.
  • Reduce hours required for people to re-key data into disparate systems and benefit from a more efficient scheduling team.
  • Reduce paper with a streamlined, integrated solution for capturing flexible workspace requests, approvals, confirmations and more.

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