NFS chosen for prestigious Gartner Market Guide 

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We’re excited to report that once again NFS’ Rendezvous Workspace platform has been recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner’s 2024 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications.Gartner reports a steady increase in hybrid working since 2021. FMs and office managers need an easy-to-use solution for room, desk and amenities booking as well as having features for locating colleagues and planning a whole day. Rendezvous Workspace helps leaders ensure maximum space occupancy while providing insights that support informed decisions, and AI solutions to deliver efficiencies and analysis at scale. 

The platform that’s the heart of your workplace

We join the select group of vendors in this year’s Gartner guide providing a total workplace experience (WEX) platform. We offer:

Effortless room booking – Rendezvous Workspace makes light work of selecting and booking  conference rooms. With full integration to Outlook 365/Exchange, attendees’ calendars are up to date and changes are immediate. Staff can even book rooms and services straight from Outlook.

Maximum space utilization – Shrinking office space footprints mean it’s imperative to maximize use of space. Rendezvous’ intelligent automated business rules prevent costly ghost meetings and no shows – empty rooms are automatically released. 

AI features – Rendezvous has many AI- driven features such as suggesting the ideal alternate space if your preferred space is already booked. We’re adding further AI facilities constantly.

Colleague search –Our intuitive feature enables employees to quickly find their fellow team members and book a nearby desk or a video call (if they are out of office).  

Visit planning – Rendezvous Workspace makes planning a day in the office easy, with seamless coordination of calendars, rooms and desks. Additional resources like catering and AV can be organized quickly. 

Employee booking portal –Team leaders can book desks in bulk for their staff – a time saver and ideal for creating collaborative neighborhoods.  

Mobile first approach – Hybrid workers can plan their whole office journey from their mobile device with our highly graphical user interface. Floorplan booking enables them to select and book a desk in seconds, while Outlook integration enters it into their calendar.

Integrated approach – Because of its Open API, Rendezvous works seamlessly with key hardware and software applications – from digital signage to desk panels to occupancy sensors to visitor management and Outlook to access control systems. 

This diagram from Gartner offers a great visualization of WEX in action: 

How Rendezvous delivers value

While Rendezvous Workspace delivers an exceptional user experience it also delivers a tremendous ROI.

Actionable insights: Leaders can see exactly how space is being used with graphical reporting dashboards, while integration with occupancy sensors delivers an accurate view of occupancy. With this data, tailoring space to meet needs becomes simpler. 

Work orchestration: Managers and staff can pre-plan their days in the office for maximum collaboration while the solution removes admin from booking amenities such as catering, AV and car parking.  

Space optimization: No shows are easily reduced with Rendezvous Workspace, which typically allows a 15-minute window before the room or desk becomes bookable again. Integration with digital signage enables vacant rooms to be booked straight from the signage panel.

Employee experience: With employers now needing to earn the commute, employee experience is a top priority. Rendezvous Workspace makes reserving workspace a breeze while delivering the right environment that workers need to get their job done. 

Want to find out more? 
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