Smart space management leaps forward with strategic NFS alliance

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Innovative smart space management has taken a bold step forward with a new partnership between NFS Technology, a global provider of scheduling software solutions, and space management solutions pioneer Qbic Technology.

This strategic alliance brings together the intuitive functionality of NFS’ Rendezvous workplace management platform and the sophisticated features of Qbic’s digital panels.

Rendezvous integrates seamlessly with Qbic’s innovative products, including the TD-1070 and the award-winning TD-1050 PRO Room Booking Smart Panels, creating an outstanding turnkey solution for both room and desk booking.

Natalie Appleton, Chief Revenue Officer for NFS, welcomed the partnership warmly. “Our existing and potential customers have requested a partner solution that offers both room and desk signs that look great and fit into their ecosystems, so we are very excited to partner with Qbic to offer this holistic solution,” she said.

The benefits of the partnership are multifaceted. For users, it means enhanced convenience and efficiency in booking spaces for meetings, events, or day-to-day operations at the office desk. For businesses, it translates into better space utilization, cost savings, and improved operational workflows, enabling a more seamless transition to hybrid office models.

“Our collaboration with NFS Technology marks a significant step in advancing space management,” says Primo Shao, CEO of Qbic Technology. “The integration of our award-winning panels with the Rendezvous software platform creates a synergy that delivers unmatched convenience and efficiency.

“It’s not just about technology; it’s about creating environments that are more responsive to human needs.”