Wasted meeting costs – are they hurting your productivity?

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It’s an amazing fact that in the U.S. alone, people attend more than 11,000 formal meetings every single day. And it’s even more amazing – and more worrisome – to realize each one of these meetings costs an average of $1,000 in salaries alone. How can we stop this spending from spiralling out of control?

The Bytesized Guide to Resource Management 2017 examines the changing world of work and the options available to resource managers to help control them. Most importantly, it counts the colossal cost of poor space management.

Using statistics compiled by Meetings King, the guide reveals 37% of all employee time is spent in meetings.

With that enormous amount of time and money committed, it’s crucial every meeting is run at peak efficiency – yet estimates show 25% of meeting time is wasted by:

1) people being late

2) finding rooms still occupied

3) setting up rooms

Just do the math….it’s a productivity nightmare. In short, the cost of poor space management is simply not acceptable or sustainable in the modern workplace, especially not in these challenging times for all businesses.

NFS is privileged to sponsor this year’s Bytesized Guide and to contribute to its examination of the latest technology solutions to streamline the workplace as it evolves into a more flexible staff environment.

Our Rendezvous meeting room and desk scheduling technology helps staff identify the available workspace they need and book it effortlessly via a mobile device.

It reduces wasted space – one multinational utility using Rendezvous cut external bookings of meeting rooms dramatically and saved $100,000 in three months.

And it saves staff time and frustration. They can book meeting facilities including video conferencing, AV and even catering in the same single transaction – and if arrangements change, everyone is notified automatically, even across time zones.

Also, check out what the Bytesized Guide to resource management had to say about NFS, the Rendezvous meeting management software solution, and feedback from NFS clients by CLICKING HERE.

Take some time to have a look at the full Bytesized Guide – its findings could have a tremendous effect on your business. You can get it by CLICKING HERE.

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