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Welcome from Luis De Souza, CEO

It’s been an incredibly rewarding and busy few months for our NFS team, with a steady expansion in our client base around the world, new partners coming on board and the revealing of our latest enhanced version of Rendezvous, V8.3.

Across the industry and when talking to visitors at events like WORKTECH Stockholm, we’re seeing a huge focus on staff engagement. Employees are behaving more like consumers, and workplace leaders are responding with the support of technology – we address these issues in a major new in-depth eBook, which you can access below.

Thanks for reading our news update, and best wishes for the coming season!

Better staff engagement

Better staff engagement

Employee consumers: As talent recruitment and retention continues to be a hot topic, employees are behaving like consumers of the workplace. Our new in-depth NFS eBook examines why – and how workplace leaders should respond.

Welcome, partners

ESCO: NFS and ESCO have combined forces to deliver integrated workplace technology to major organizations based in SE Asia.
The change in the workplace market, with a greater need to deliver an integrated workplace management solution, has created the opportunity for NFS to partner with a strong SE Asia based digital technology and unified communications company.

ESCO have an excellent service reputation and offices in 13 ASEAN locations. They are GPA’s business unit in SEA, and represent leading global brands in signage, UC and many other areas that are complementary to the NFS Rendezvous workplace management platform.
Luis De Souza says:  “By combining our expertise, clients will benefit from a more joined up approach to workplace technology, building a connected workplace.

“We look forward to working closely with the ESCO team through our UK, India and ANZ presence, to serve our existing global client and securing new business in the fast growing workplace and meetings markets in the ASEAN region.

“I am excited to be engaged in this relationship, as this partnership will help us deliver integrated workplace management solutions to our global clients in the region and also a local service and support capability for signage and unified communications.”



Esco Pte. Ltd.

Michael Natividad

Technology and Solutions Head



Esco Pte. Ltd.

Sujith Sivaram

Managing Director

Rendezvous enhancements


We’re delighted to announce the release of the most enhanced version of our Rendezvous workspace management software ever! With V8.3, you can now:

  • Book and manage complex resources with greater, more granular flexibility. For example, with recurring bookings by room type, you can set a maximum number of recurrences allowed.
  • See fixed desks on the floorplan so you can search for a colleague who has one.
  • Customize our room panel app with your own colours, and show QR codes so staff can book rooms via the mobile app.
  • Apply corporate branding to QuickBook – V8.1 branding allowed administrators to white label some areas of QuickBook, and our further enhancements allow you to set text colours and the booking availability screen.
  • See more narrative about meetings as the Teams link now includes additional information.

Our latest projects include:


EMEA/UK – Simmons and Simmons:

We’re helping this well-established NFS client to manage their London office and bridge a new building move. With Rendezvous, staff at the law firm can make desk and meeting room bookings in the existing and new building ready for the transition. We’re also migrating their existing meetings, working with a partner we’ve trained to manage the solution for the client.

US – Powerhouse California-based law firm:

So end users can access an online questionnaire when ordering certain services, we created new statuses and alerts that email embedded links to the questionnaire, and configure it to go back to the AV Team. “The update made the AV team very happy and their jobs a lot simpler!”  - Audiovisual Manager, Los Angeles office.

Saudi Arabia – Major private company:

Our new Saudi client operates within the human resource services sector. Working with an AV partner based in the Middle East, we have arranged an on-premise installation of our solution to manage rooms within the organization’s estate.

Venues – UK city centre client:

To streamline their sales process and better manage their venue availability, our client has installed Rendezvous Events to manage three of their impressive historic  venues within the city from one sales office.

Major catering company:

For one of the country’s premier catering companies – with venues both in London and on the fringes – Rendezvous Events has proved a vital sales and operational tool in their flagship  venues, managing all processes from integrated enquiries with Venue Directory, event planning, billing, with a seamless two-way process from Dynamics 365.


Kennedys Workplace Showcase Event – 22 November, 5-7pm. This event at their new London offices, 20 Fenchurch Street, will showcase what Kennedys and NFS have done to drive agile working using Rendezvous for managing meeting rooms and desks, a mobile booking app, integrated room and desk digital signage and a kiosk for locating space and colleagues.

Check out this video for more information on Rendezvous.

IFMA Major themes included the power of in-person interaction, intentionality (making every decision count) and change management and communication.


WORKTECH Stockholm

We sponsored this prestigious recent event, and also took part in WORKTECH Copenhagen. Luis De Souza shared his insights and takeaways from Stockholm:

“The event started with a visit to the EY office, where I loved the space, their approach to flexibility and the way they support staff engaging with the workplace.

“The Burges Salmon LLP presentation was also inspiring, showing how to keep workplace change real and human centric; clearly this approach works.

“AI was a constant theme throughout the event, and rightly so. If we are not planning to embrace AI both assistive and generative AI we face a serious business risk.

“The issue of workplace change as a journey was another theme— one size does not fit all and it’s definitely OK to say: ‘I don’t know, but we plan to try a new approach’, far better than doing nothing.

“My own wake up call was Indy Johar’s presentation on the climate crisis. His presentation left me with a simple message: change must start with our personal behaviors and actions. Vegan Fridays is a goal I have set myself!

“Beyond the event, I’m seeing a lot of debate about how to create a workplace that caters well for Gen Z. Gartner says that by 2025, these young people will make up a third of the workplace, and providing a seamless technological working experience for them is vital.

“For help dealing with the continuing transformation of the workplace, our website has plenty of up-to-the-minute resources – check out our blog on how to ensure your workplace is set up to benefit from Gen Z and download our new eBook on why you need to treat your employee as a consumer.”

Check out a recent interview which Luis conducted with a leading workspace analyst – click here to unlock Luis’ insights about workplace culture and engagement

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