Room Booking Software with Outlook & Exchange Integration

It’s your ideal travel companion

Rendezvous Mobile is a great solution for staff who are on the go. With Rendezvous by your side, you can make all the meeting room and resource bookings you need wherever you are.

Rendezvous Mobile meeting room booking software

The benefits of our Rendezvous Mobile platform include:


Whether you are in a coffee shop, working from home or on a train you can enjoy the same room, resource and catering booking benefits on your mobile device as you can from your PC using the mobile app.

Ease of use

The app is easy to set up on your phone or tablet and has been designed to offer the most intuitive yet feature rich user journey.

Fully featured

Although it is an app, it still has all the functionality you would expect from the desktop version and it includes full integration with Outlook and Exchange so meeting notifications, service requests and changes can be sent with ease.

Quick Booking

Our development team have conducted extensive user research in order to create the simplest booking process possible based on an attractive graphical user interface.
With just a few taps it is possible to book meeting rooms, hot desks, catering and A/V from your mobile device.

Evoko Display

Evoko Display

Value for Money

By using industry standard platforms such as Apple iPad and capitalising on trends such as BYOD (bring your own device) the cost of deployment for the solution is greatly reduced.

In addition, by using a familiar user interface the cost of training is minimized as there is no steep learning curve.


The solution has been written on the latest HTML 5 platform so that it will work flexibly on a number of mobile devices and is future proof.

The solution offers all the benefits of the desktop version and you can configure it include all the latest corporate branding and to encompass your business rules. It also integrates fully with your Outlook and Exchange infrastructure so you can rest assured that all notifications, meeting requests, catering and car park arrangements and A/V orders are communicated effectively.

Evoko Display

Sounds interesting?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve the maximum utilisation of your meeting rooms and real estate.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss the benefits of our solution.

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