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Understand room occupancy, so you can better plan room configuration and space allocation

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No more guesswork

Corporate real estate is a huge investment. Hot desks and meeting rooms are expensive to run – but how do know you are achieving maximum occupancy? Our technology means you no longer need to attempt a headcount.

With our affordable and advanced sensor technology you have the real time people count information giving you a complete analysis of space occupancy. This also helps real estate future planning.

TiM - Thermal Image Module

Introducing TiM (Thermal Image Module)

Our new sensor technology uses thermal image technology to accurately record the number of people in a meeting room or collaborative space in real-time.

Discreetly ceiling-mounted, the sensors can be deployed in a day with a typical installation taking just two days.

As it relies on thermal imaging, as opposed to a camera, TiM is ideal for environments where sensitivity and privacy are required – the sensor technology is designed to record activity, not identity.

TiM complements our under-desk sensors, which are used to measure desk usage, and to provide automated check in and check out of desks.


Actionable real-time data

TiM sensor technology shows you your live space availability in real-time with pin-point accuracy and helps build up a picture of how your space is being used.

At a glance you can analyze:

  • Occupancy levels
  • Average number of people in the room
  • How and when the space is being utilized
  • Monthly, daily and weekly trends

The data is presented in easy-to-understand dashboards that present key figures graphically for interpretation and further analysis. With 100% accurate data at your fingertips, it’s faster to make good strategic decisions.


Live space availability

For your staff to be fully agile and productive, you need to minimize admin time when they visit the office.

Sensor technology enables them to use digital signage to locate available hot desks and collaborative spaces, using a simple map.

Once they find an available space on the screen, they simply walk to it. The sensor detects their activity and checks them in. When they are ready to leave the sensors check them out and the space becomes available for the next worker.

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