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Hoteling – sometimes called hot-desking or flexible workspace – has become a huge trend in the US and elsewhere, thanks to several reasons:

1. The cost of corporate property is the second highest company expense after payroll. Shrinking the property portfolio can save companies millions of dollars.

2. Flexible working is cost-effective and also popular – offering it to your employees can help you attract and retain top talent.

Rendezvous hotelling software helps you implement and manage hoteling operations to support both of these goals, and to make it simple for your remote employees to locate and book the desk or meeting space they need via an app, even before they arrive at the office.

Hoteling situations supported by Rendezvous Workspace:

Part-time employees who can share office space

Employees who work from home some days and work from the office on other days

People who work in the office all or some of the time, but travel between buildings and sites and need office space

Sales reps, consultants and trainers who may mostly work away from the office, but occasionally require office space

Hoteling for staff who are working from an office space for a short time

Hoteling staff temporarily working from an office space for several weeks or months

4 great reason to use Rendezvous Scheduling in your flexible workspace

Flexibility: Rendezvous Workspace is extremely flexible and configurable, so your organization can tailor the entire booking process the way you want it to suit your scheduling environment and the way your employees work.

Integration:  Rendezvous hotelling software integrates with sensor and beacon technology to provide up-to-date information about what desks and rooms are available and which are booked. It also supports floorplan integration and wayfinding, as well as kiosk integration.

Outlook: The workspace scheduling reservation system also integrates with Outlook and Exchange so bookings go straight into your calendar.

Business insight: The hotelling software provides detailed management and utilization reports so your management team can understand exactly how your office space is being utilized and how you can optimize your property footprint.

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