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Want to discover more about how Rendezvous Events booking software can streamline your venue operations and bring in more revenue?

Many companies currently use MS Outlook to schedule rooms and resources – but there always comes a time when your need just outgrow what MS Outlook has to offer.

Rendezvous Workspace users benefit access their scheduling software via a simple button right on the familiar MS Outlook invitation window. This seamless integration makes for easy deployment and a comfortable environment for MS Outlook users, with no training required.

Rendezvous Workspace room booking software with Outlook and Exchange Integration lets you book rooms and resources in a single transaction from within Outlook 2003 and 2007. With Exchange integration, you can also view free/busy schedules relating to meeting attendees.

Where Rendezvous Workspace goes beyond Outlook is in providing detailed management and utilization reports,. You know exactly how your facilities and resources are being used, so you can make planning decisions based on data.

Unique feature sets

Automatic delivery of service details and changes to an employee’s mobile device

Upload visitor information for security management and name badge printing.

Automatic validation of department charge-back codes with full reporting

Rolling display module delivers meeting updates to monitors or screens

Interfaces to leading corporate accounting and ERP systems

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