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Video conferencing has been around for many years, and its benefits are well-known – it’s great for collaboration, saves travel time and stress and reduces your organization’s carbon footprint.

But if it’s difficult to set up a video conference, workers just won’t use it. Rendezvous video conferencing software takes away all the admin to make the process of locating and booking meeting spaces simple, even across time zones.

Rendezvous video conferencing software sends out invites, and if meeting details change, it automatically updates everyone, right into their Outlook calendar.

Rendezvous’ video conferencing world

Easy multi–location VC scheduling based on Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes

Book all the elements of your remote meeting in a single transaction

Provides a unique combination of efficient scheduling and live meetings interchange

Integrates fully with leading Tandberg T3 and Teliris VirtuaLive solutions

How do you maximize the benefits of video conferencing?

Today, many organizations are adopting technology to deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for their workplace.

Flexible working is on the increase and so is the use of technology for remote business meetings, based around hoteling – or hot desks – and video conferencing.

Rendezvous Workspace meeting room scheduling technology, with Rendezvous video conferencing software, is the robust and flexible technology platform that enable your business to adopt or make better use of video conference and Telepresence technology.

These 4 significant drivers are the growth of video conferencing:

  1. The VC experience is improving all the time thanks to latest-generation equipment
  2. Organizations want to reduce costs
  3. Growing environmental pressures
  4. Technology has made organizing video conferencing much easier.

Rendezvous video conferencing software provides the key to a seamless VC experience by automating critical components and providing multi-location / multi-time zone room booking.

Rendezvous connects all technology components, including video conference bridges, and manages the notification process no matter how many people are taking part in your meeting.

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