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Rendezvous visitor management software

When you welcome visitors and delegates to your premises, you want to make sure you track and manage them effectively – and give them a great visitor experience.

The Rendezvous visitor management software module provides your security and reception staff with all the information they need to make this happen, before visitors and attendees for meetings even show up at your building.

Your receptionists can greet visitors personally, give them VIP treatment if it is appropriate, and guide them to the right place. Only authorized users can access these details, which categorize visitors as internal, external or suppliers.

Key Features

Search for visitors using specific search criteria, like Visitor Name, Host Name and Date

Integrate to a printer – can restrict to one badge per visitor

Know where attendees, suppliers, contractors and walk-in visitors are

See who is expected, who has arrived, who is still in the building, etc.

Capture visitor details and preferences for targeted marketing

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