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Rendezvous resource scheduling software is being used with great success in various global organizations and in each sector it serves, helping to enhance operations, save time, reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction.Our product can be applied with equal effectiveness, offering the same benefits, in the following industry areas:

Law Firms using Room Scheduling Software

Rendezvous Workspace resource schedule software offers law firms of all sizes a simple and streamlined way to manage and schedule space and resources. Our clients in this industry are gaining benefits from Workspace’s Client Matter Number tracking and validation as well as from MS Outlook integration, configurable workflow, automated meeting change notification, management reporting and a Self-Service interface.

The solution’s video conference and telepresence functionality enables multi-location meetings and helps reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

Hafez Avocats, based in Cairo and Paris, have chosen the Rendezvous Workspace Desk booking program to provide “…a dynamic communication experience between service provider and meeting organiser” said the Applications Support Specialist, “By having the software deployed on iPads, we could quickly move to a room-based booking module.”

Corporate Head Office Facilities using Room Scheduling Software

Rendezvous Workspace offers our corporate office customers a reliable solution for scheduling meeting rooms, catering, A/V equipment and video conferencing, with the added bonus of advanced reporting functionality and visitor management, including badge printing.

Seamless integration with MS Outlook, helpdesk, accounting and other corporate systems already in place within an organization, Rendezvous Workspace resource schedule software allows facilities management to be more efficient and streamlined, thus saving substantial employee time.

Fujitsu, one of our corporate head office clients, has been using Rendezvous resource schedule software for several years to manage their space and resources.

Healthcare Organizations using Room Scheduling Software

The healthcare sector use Rendezvous Workspace to optimize their facilities, lower their costs, improve client services and obtain good management information for making the right long-term business decisions in relation to their property and resources.

Multi-Location Global Businesses using Room Scheduling Software

The Rendezvous Workspace resource schedule software is specifically designed for businesses that have multiple locations or properties, offering a single database able to support various properties in their respective time zones, meaning users can view booking availability based on their local time – an ideal feature for central booking offices, or for planning a video conference.

This is a simple, time-saving tool for managing corporate meeting room booking and resources across various locations, with fully customizable reporting and online booking availability.

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In addition to the above, we have other customer types using our software on an international basis. If you have any unique requirements or wish to receive more information about how the Rendezvous Workspace room scheduling software can help your business, click here.

Our friendly representatives will tell you all about our renowned workspace scheduling software, explaining how it works and what the benefits are, and we’ll do so at a time that’s convenient for you. Just leave us your details and a time and we’ll get in touch of you to tell you more about our amazing products.

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These are just some of the customer types that use Rendezvous conference room software and event booking software. If you have any unique requirements or are looking for more information about how Rendezvous Events can help your business, click here.