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Social Distancing Planning

Social distancing is a key measure in the continued fight against the spread of Covid. It can be difficult to enforce and even harder to plan for until now.

Floorplans customized for you

Our design service takes the pain out of the planning process. Using AutoCAD integration - we use your floorplans and your social distance policies to work out what desks need to be removed from the availability pool. The floorplan below indicates how desks have been selected to comply with a two meter social distancing policy.


Putting It Into Action

We take the planning process further – we put it into action. 

A digital signage platform can be used to communicate how your social distancing policy is being applied in real time, indicating available space and clear directions of the shortest required journey to a workspace, thus minimizing interaction.

The digital signage platform can also clearly indicate which areas are strictly prohibited such as canteens.



Plans can and do change and with Covid it pays to be agile. The floorplans are updated dynamically on the digital signage platform.

See immediately which desks are available and minimize time spent wandering around and possibly mingling. Desks can be rotated on an alternate day basis to allow for cleaning and a simple colour code on the signage shows which desks are available for that day.

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