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Rendezvous is the world-leading software solution that helps you transform your workplace, giving you everything you need to manage meeting rooms, desks and workspaces better – as well as handling services like catering and AV.

Rendezvous integrates with sensor technology, delivering real-time information on space availability to help your employees book the right space to work, every time via an app. It links seamlessly with digital signage as well as Exchange and Outlook.

Need to know more? Watch our video to see how Rendezvous can help you transform your workplace – effortlessly.




4 great ways Rendezvous transforms your workplace

Improved conference room and desk utilization: Rendezvous provides a simple booking process, with built-in rules and automated notifications of changes, reducing no-shows.

Better productivity: Rendezvous sensor technology gives workers a real-time view of the space they can book to get on with their work immediately.

Room panels and signage: Rendezvous’ integration capabilities give you plenty of choice and affordable wayfinding options.

Streamlined services: Rendezvous seamlessly manages the provision of  catering, audio visual and other meeting services in a single transaction.


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