4 Simple Steps to Enhance Your Workplace in 2022

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4 Simple Steps to Enhance Your Workplace in 2022

Most companies understand the importance of happy employees; a happy workplace is often more productive. One of the main things that makes talented employees stay with a company depends on how they are treated. With offices adopting hybrid working, it is likely that managers will start searching for the best desk booking software to automate the workspace. With hybrid models of work from home, work vacations and sometimes paid sabbaticals, companies are pulling all the strings to retain the talent they have found. In this article, we discuss four ways that will help you enhance your workspace in 2022.

Employee Safety and Hygiene Comes First

Maintaining the team’s morale is a symbiotic process; you take care of them, and they take care of your business. Giving the team members the freedom to choose their timelines and organizing the best desk booking software is elementary to making them feel welcome the way they are.

Health and safety are primarily personal; companies should ensure everyone feels safe through multiple approaches. Team member hygiene isn’t just about cleanliness or having a hand sanitizer at every moment in the workplace.

What companies can do:

  • Set up a cleaning and sanitizing schedule using software.
  • Provide storage facilities to your team to make their lives easier.
  • Give your employees the space to express themselves.
  • Talk about health and mental health.

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Communication for Transparency

Everyone isn’t social and doesn’t communicate in the same manner. Coming from various environments and backgrounds, each team member has a unique way of approaching and solving problems. The leaders must understand the nuances and involve the employees in making the environment friendly and approachable. Leaders and managers can use the best desk booking software to bring people out of their comfort zones and talk to them in person when something works better that way. Collaboration is at the heart of every organization; if a team is on the same page, they’ll figure things out faster and better.

What companies can do better:

  • Assigning work transparently.
  • Providing constructive feedback.
  • Making communication easier with video conferencing.
  • Schedule one-on-one virtual or in-person meetings with the employees to address their concerns individually.

Team Building Activities – Virtual and In-person

A team that has fun together builds memories together, and has a lot of inside jokes is the one that will stick together through the tough times. When your office has team members working across different locations and from home, it is necessary to conduct team building activities to ensure that no one feels left out.

What companies can do together with the employees:

  • Conduct icebreaker sessions with remote and in-person employees.
  • Set up gaming sessions or exercise sessions together.
  • Come up with competitions that promote teamwork.

Adopt Technology like Desk Booking Software

“Optimization” is a keyword among all companies; small, medium, and large. One of the crucial parts of a transition period between working from home to working from the office culture is choice. Several companies give their employees the leeway to choose when they want to work from the office and plan accordingly. The best desk booking software can help place the correct number of desks and optimize space.

Why companies need to adapt:

  • An organized approach to space utilization pans out better in the long run.
  • No confusion between employees about where their work station is.
  • Less hassle and more autonomy for employees.

Why Rendezvous?

Rendezvous, the best desk booking software comes with many features and benefits:

  1. The mobile app: Helps in connecting you with a safe and sanitized workspace from anywhere at any time.
  2. Zero-touch policy: It can be integrated with QR Code scanning as well as access cards, allowing you to get the best out of your workplace without any contact from anyone else.
  3. Reverse hoteling: This allows for a collaborative and ideal process to bring different teams across the board together for a particular project without compromising on anything.

If you are looking to implement a desk booking system, get in touch to know more!