Enhance Your Flexible Workspace with Reverse Desk Hoteling

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Reverse desk hoteling

Gone are the days of fixed seating arrangements in offices. Today, workplaces tend to function using a hybrid working model with flexible seating arrangements. Organizations have adopted practices like hot-desking and desk hoteling. In these cases, employees can reserve any desk that is available when they are in office. Hot desking helps companies save on space and real estate costs while still providing a productive environment for those working in office.

Reverse hoteling for desks is another feature that can further enhance your flexible working strategy. Let us explore what it means and how it can be of advantage to you.
What is Reverse Desk Hoteling?

Reverse desk hoteling is when an assigned, or normal desk is temporarily allocated to the hot desking pool. In cases where an employee is on vacation, working from home for a long period, or taking parental or sick leave, their desk will be unoccupied for an extended period. Here, their desk can be utilised in the flexible, hot desking pool and can be returned to them once they are back. The reverse hoteling for desk feature allows for increased space utilization, time-saving, and maximum returns on your real estate budget.

How do you integrate it with your existing working environment?

If you have not introduced hot-desking to your workplace, reverse hoteling is a great place to start. If one of your staff members is on leave and their desk is free, or if the cubicle belonging to a senior executive is going to be temporarily available, allocate this desk or cubicle to someone else. In fact, the cubicle may even be used as a meeting room.

In offices where hot-desking is already in use, the reverse hoteling for desk feature will only improve the working environment. Large organizations can use this feature to encourage employees from different departments to interact with each other. And most importantly, when the office space seems crowded, you can use the available fixed desks to increase the workspace without adding more desks.

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Benefits of Using Software for Reverse Hoteling for Desk

Technology can drastically improve and expedite the reverse desk hoteling system for your organisation. Whether you are already using hot-desking, or plan to introduce it afresh, rolling out a workplace management software can have many benefits.

Improved Staff Management

Be it a resident, flex, or remote team member, reverse hoteling for desk provides full-fledged support to all your team members. Your staff can instantly book desks or meeting rooms as and when they are needed. They can also make their fixed desk available to others if they are not going to be in office for a while.

Increased Productivity

Using software allows you to check what spaces are available in real-time and accordingly plan your seating. Employees who might want to temporarily work with another team can re-allocate their desk to the hot desking pool for that period. Reverse hoteling also gives a chance for different teams to interact with each other, thereby increasing productivity.

Data Insights

Desk booking software delivers insightful analytics that can help you make long-term and short-term decisions for your business. You can estimate the optimal proportion of fixed to flexible desks that is needed for your workspace. The real-time and historical data can help you cut down on real estate costs.

Effective Space Utilization

Office space is one of the most valuable assets for all organisations. By using flexible practices like hot-desking and reverse hoteling, you can save on a lot of space and utilizse the existing work areas efficiently.

How does Rendezvous Support Reverse Desk Hoteling?

Rendezvous’ reverse hoteling for desk feature is available on the desktop web application as well as the QuickBook mobile app. The intuitive system is highly configurable and can be easily used by anyone. Employees can make their desks available in a matter of a few clicks.

The software also comes with the additional features of desk booking, meeting room management, and more. Get in touch to learn how it can transform your workspace.