Desk Booking Analytics: Everything A Hybrid Workplace Needs

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Desk Booking Analytics

Data drives the majority of business decisions. Organizations tend to collect large volumes of data, but not all of it is applied well. Workspace management is one area where data can be utilized to manage space efficiently and cost-effectively.

Many companies that employ the flexible work model use hot-desking for their employees. Keep scrolling to discover how hot desk booking software helps organizations utilize the desk booking analytics feature for better workspace management in today’s hybrid working environment.

How Does Hot Desk Booking Software Help You Adapt Your Work Space For Hybrid Work?

When it comes to hybrid working environments, one of the most irresistible benefits is enhanced desk booking. It enables your employees to book a desk at work as and when they need it. The truth is that people have been accustomed to working from home, and they are looking for a hybrid working environment where you can choose where and when you want to work. Flexible working models become more advanced as hot desk booking software comes with an advanced feature of desk booking analytics which helps organisations make informed decisions.

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights That Help You Elevate Your Business Decisions

Desk booking analytics can help companies get a comprehensive view of how many employees use a specific workspace. Real-time and historical data sets empower facility managers to make the right space utilization decisions. Providing the appropriate amount of space for employees becomes a simple task when an organisation has data-driven insights into workspace utilisation. Listed below are the ways a hot desk booking software can enable you to easily adapt your workspace to a hybrid working environment.

Bring your Workforce Together to do their Best Work

With real-time data available on hot desk booking software, facility managers can track and manage all the available and utilised workspace on a single platform. Historical data can help track what desks are used frequently and those that are not. When employees are given the freedom and option to choose their favourite workspace, it helps bring them closer to their team members.

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Take Complete Control Of Your Workplace

When organizations get to know their employees’ preferences about their workspace, it becomes easier to restructure the entire office. Moreover, it helps organizations rightsize the office layout to fit the employees’ requirements and offer them the proper support they need. Data reports can indicate how much space is required, which desks can be allotted for hot-desking, and which cannot.

Ensure High Productivity While Ensuring Employees’ Safety

It is necessary for every organization to ensure utmost safety for their employees who return to the workplace by following the latest health guidelines and other safety measures. When companies have real-time and historical data of who was recently infected with COVID-19, it helps them make the right steps to stop the virus transmission across the organization.

Balance Your Inventory Of Workspace

Desk booking analytics makes your space management easily accessible and manageable for everyone. When organizations do hot desk booking right, flexibility becomes an integral part of your work culture, and productivity makes great strides in the workplace. Interactive booking is the best part about hot-desking, and employees love it, as they can reserve the working spaces and meeting rooms in advance from home or work.

Rendezvous: Set Up Your Hybrid Workplace In A Few Clicks

In today’s hybrid working environment, knowing the right utilisation of space in the workplace is half the battle. It is hard to bring hybrid and agile methodologies into traditional workplaces, especially when most employees work remotely from home. Rendezvous gives more power to administer your workspace so that you can have all the data you need to rightsize your existing office infrastructure for flexible, hybrid working.